Taylor Kniffin

Taylor hails from New England but fully embraces the y’all lifestyle. Tell her your corniest dad joke and you’ll be friends for life.

Taylor remembers learning Zip Zap Zop in a summer camp drama class, but then her improv skills lay dormant for a long, long time. In the fall of 2017, Taylor was itching for a creative outlet and was considering taking a painting class when her new roommate suggested she try improv. And thank god she did — an art class wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. Since then, Taylor has completed WIT’s core curriculum, performs with the indie team Trust Issues, and has competed with the FIST team Half & Half.

Taylor moved to DC from Maine but doesn’t like lobster. Things she does like include seeking out dog-friendly spots with a good beer list, perfecting her bolognese sauce, plants, and the funky group of people she works with every day at a health tech start-up. In her free time, you’ll find Taylor hanging with her pup Moxie and rewatching Parks and Rec, but she doesn’t have much free time.

Childhood Nickname
Tay, but she hated it. She's holding out hope for Kniffindor but it hasn't caught on.
Favorite Snack
Peanut Butter Pretzels