Sharona Shuster

Sharona Shuster is a non-profit leader and consultant focused on advancing social innovation and women and girls' empowerment.

Sharona is the Director of Development and Communications for Lide Haiti, a girls empowerment program focused on the arts that serves at-risk adolescent girls across rural Haiti. She is also the founder of Illuminate, a coaching and consulting firm that provides social impact consulting to strengthen mission-driven organizations and leadership coaching for women.

Previously, Sharona spent five years at Convergence, enabling ideologically diverse leaders to collaborate in tackling America’s biggest challenges, and leading strategic planning, foundation fundraising, impact evaluation, and organizational learning.

Sharona started taking improv classes at WIT in 2018 and felt illegal levels of joy and vitality. She has completed the first four courses of WIT’s curriculum and is passionate about improv’s ability to foster community, collaboration, creativity, and confidence. She has also found improv incredibly valuable to her parenting, where she often does improv scenes with her son during his bedtime routine. She aims to grow WIT’s resources and reach so that it is serving every pocket of DC and people of all ages and stages of life.