Matt Alexander

Matt is a licensed architect with over two decades of experience and has designed institutional, cultural, and commercial projects, ranging from historic renovations to high rise construction. He is the Principal and Founder of DMArchitects.

Matt earned his architecture degree from Virginia Tech, and attended the Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium (WAAC). Throughout his career, he has remained connected to the academic world, mentoring emerging professionals and teaching architectural courses at Northern Virginia Community College. Matt also provides leadership as chairperson of the AIA NOVA and AIA Virginia Committee on the Environment. He has a passion for design and also loves to express his creativity through drawing and of course, improv!

A good friend convinced Matt to give improv a try way back in 2014, when he took his first class at the DC Improv. Matt continued to attend shows for years until finally jumping back on the comedy bandwagon in 2019 by signing up for a Level 1 class at WIT. He loved it and proceeded to complete the improv curriculum, including the Advanced Harold.

Like many others, Matt formed an Improv team with friends from class and they competed as Bathtub Mocktail in the 2022 FIST (making it past round one!). He can’t wait to continue to perform with his dear friends and has even ventured into stand-up comedy. Last but not least, he is the co-creator of the BARFPOD podcast. Check it out on Spotify!

Best Dance Move
Mick Jagger Chicken Strut
Personal hero
Parkland Students