Marisa Borreggine

Marisa wants you to feel seen, heard, and taken care of. (Marisa is a middle child).

While Marisa has been trying to get everyone’s attention their whole life, they have only been doing improv since 2018. She completed the ImprovBoston comedy school curriculum in 2020 where she helped produce an indie team that performed literary-themed shows at a local bookstore/cafe combo. They’ve performed on teams and in shows at ImprovBoston, Union Comedy, and Riot Theater Company showcasing short form, the Harold, and monoscene formats.

Marisa’s day job as a climate scientist can be kind of sad! She likes improv because it lets her zoom out. They spend their time outside of science and improv backpacking, baking, and obsessing over the state of labor unions in the United States.

Current Ensembles
Favorite snack
Peanut butter chocolate chip lara bars!
Number one rule in my house
No overhead lights