Gwendolyn Bogard

Gwendolyn is a reformed theatre actor turned science advocate whose love of improv is only matched by her passion for weird chemistry facts.

In an attempt to find her way back to performing, Gwendolyn began taking improv classes at WIT in late 2022 and quickly realized that playing games onstage was way more fun than memorizing American Realism monologues. Gwendolyn completed the WIT curriculum in winter 2023 and dove headfirst into performing on a WIT Harold team. She also performs with the FIST-turned-indie team Monsters Under the Bed.

Gwendolyn grew up and went to college in Oregon, and she has yet to escape the cult of Oregonian fandom. By day, she communicates about science within the world of policy. By night, she crochets and tries to keep her cat, Linguini, from stealing and eating her bread.

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