Becky Steffen

Becky is an engineer that loves to make things up and laugh!

She was signed up for WIT’s improv level 1 as a gift, and has not looked back since. The extent of her performance career prior to her improv debut in March 2022 consisted of endless Nutcrackers and a non-speaking role in Cats the Musical (unforgettable and a little scarring). Thanks to her mother’s initial encouragement, she has completed the WIT curriculum and performed in two Improvapaloozas.

Besides her newfound love for improv she enjoys Michigan football, overcomplicating cooking for herself, and enjoying a treat whenever she wants. An avid listener of both ‘New Music Friday’ and her own throwback playlists, she will be requesting music at any party or venue. Do not leave any bread with balsamic and olive oil for dipping in her vicinity and expect it to go uneaten.

Current Ensembles
Hidden talent
Curating very sad playlists
Favorite body of water
Lake Michigan