Aimee Lee Savage

Aimee finds doing improv like eating potato chips; the more you do the more you want to do.

Aimee got interested in improv when her son did a teen improv class with a WIT teacher and it looked like a lot of fun. When a career shift gave her the opportunity to take an improv class herself, it turned out that it really was as fun as it looked!

Since starting doing improv about six years ago she has developed the habit of forming indie improv teams and coming up with original formats. She has appeared in the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament, Improvapalooza and on the WIT stage’s Indie Spotlight. Currently she performs with indie teams Girass!, Sic Hoc Verum Est . . . , and The Sleepovers. She also dabbles in stand-up and was in WIT’s The Feminine Experience, a show of improvised monologues.

Since completing the WIT curriculum, she’s done training in physical comedy with Giovanni Fusetti and Dody DiSanto, and in Meisner acting technique at The Theatre Lab.

Her non-comedy alter ego, Aimee Imundo, is a lawyer bringing her non-profit and governance expertise to the WIT Board.

Photo by Mikail Faalasli.

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Elaine without the kick
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