Caitlin Brady

Caitlin has too many hobbies, but the excitement and silliness of improv makes it her favorite.

Caitlin started her improv career with the Drexel Football Team—undefeated since 1973 (when the actual football team was discontinued).

After moving to San Francisco, Caitlin took classes at BATS Improv and Endgames Improv and performed with the Secret Improv Society. She also completed classes with RISE Comedy in Denver and Second City Improv in Chicago during a year of working remotely/traveling during the pandemic.


In DC, Caitlin has gotten involved with the WIT community through classes, jams, the 2023 FIST Competition with team “the collective,” and now, the Harold program.

Current Ensembles
Best dance move
The Worm (reserved for special occasions & clean floors)
Hidden talent
Finding Amazing Furniture on Facebook Marketplace