Jeff Salmore

Jeff Salmore grew up in Encino, California in the San Fernando Valley (tubular!). He moved east to attend college and fell in love with the DC area.

He believes that WIT is an awesome organization that taps into our untapped inner essence and brings out the best in humanity.

On many nights, Jeff can be found perched in the tech booth running lights and sound for WIT. Jeff first encountered improv aboard a transatlantic cruise in 2012 where The Second City was the resident entertainment. After being tricked into joining a workshop (and finding out there are actually classes for this) he became an improvabeliever and signed up for WIT classes as soon as he hit shore.

In 2013, Jeff took a six-month break from his day job as a consultant in corporate finance and still hasn’t returned. Jeff is currently a happy man of leisure, volunteering at several theaters in the DC area.

Favorite Word
Favorite Historical Figure
Siddhārtha Gautama