Jane White

Jane White proudly hails from Minneapolis, MN, and enjoys telling everyone the horrors of winter there to ensure the rent stays low for her friends.

Jane learned improv in her hometown of Minneapolis, MN, where she took classes and workshops at Huge Improv Theater, The Brave New Workshop and ComedySportz TC. Since moving to DC in November of 2016, she performs with indie group Bottom Shelf, and is excited to continue to grow part of a diverse and inclusive community. Jane is also a 2018 FIST Champion (ooh la la) as a member of Double Date.

Jane enjoys asking Washingtonians what they are passionate about, rather than what they do for a living, to see them stutter and look confused. In her free time she performs in a competitive karaoke league, plays ukulele, and can’t get up before noon on a Saturday to save her life.

Photo by Jeff Salmore

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