James Jelin

In his first grade talent show, James spent 45 seconds flopping across the floor, claiming his talent was “Impression of a Dying Fish." He has taken every opportunity to do dumb stuff in front of a crowd since.

In college, he became obsessed with the idea of a whole group of people doing something stupid together. So he founded Bowdoin College’s longform improv team Office Hours, and they made buffoons of themselves in the College Improv Tournament and the Del Close Marathon. James has studied this foolishness with coaches from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and embarrassed himself at theaters in Maine, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and DC.

Catch James performing structured idiocy on Harold Night with Captain PhD, protesting nonsense with his indie team Stand up for Whaaa?, and being generally irrelevant and inane at parties and social gatherings.

Current Ensemble
Childhood Nickname
Jams Jellies
Favorite Snack
Eggs over easy but you crack the yolk a TINY bit