James Jelin

James Jelin caught the performance bug during his Bar Mitzvah Torah portion and soon after realized he could get more laughs speaking in English.

He’s been doing bits ever since. James went on to found Bowdoin College’s long form improv team Office Hours in 2015 and has since trained with teachers from the Upright Citizens’ Brigade and Baltimore Improv Group. He is on WIT Harold Team Dangerine and WIT Production Heavy Rotation, he performs with Baltimore Improv Group’s House Macroscene Team, and you can find him with local troupes like Captain PhD, Set Piece, and 200 Person Improv Team. A teacher at WIT, he’s also coached teams like Swoonface and Trust Issues.

When not improvising, James is an actor, sketch-comedy writer and performer, stand-up comedian, and, admittedly, a boring political pollster.

Current Ensembles
Childhood Nickname
Jams Jellies
Favorite Snack
Eggs over easy but you crack the yolk a TINY bit