Isaac Stone

Isaac brings to the stage years of experience inventing voices for animals.

Isaac’s interest in comedy began at an early age, when he displayed an incredible talent for crashing the family computer by torrenting Simpsons episodes. His journey to improv began with his desire to find a place where he could practice his lifelong knack for making up characters and doing comedic bits without getting yelled at.

He completed the WIT curriculum all the way back in 2014, but found himself truly embracing the art form during the COVID pandemic, when his online WIT classes and zoom practice helped him make friends and stay grounded during a difficult time. It’s now joined the pantheon of favorite conversational topics alongside cats, trains, and the great state of New Jersey. In addition to his training at WIT, he’s also taken classes at the Magnet Theater in NYC.

Isaac is the former host of NERDS! Trivia night at Politics and Prose bookstore, which led to his being recognized in public a few times in DC and once, to his great surprise, in Virginia. He enjoys exploring new cities, talking about how he definitely plans on getting around to writing his screenplay, and thinking that he’ll never be too old for the mosh pit. During the day, he helps to provide library services for DC’s jail population.

Favorite word
Personal hero
The Jews who got kicked out of a Taliban prison for being too annoying