Aaron Harris

Aaron has a passion of turning nothing into something amazing (also called creativity). He loves creating music, writing, web development, and now improv.

Aaron’s improv journey started in 2022 and quickly blossomed. He started in level 1 with WIT and graduated before summer 2023. During that time frame he assembled an indie team called the Third Graders and competed in FIST up until the third round. His indie team has opened for WIT twice and performed at Rails comedy. He was excepted into the Harold program in summer 2023.

Aaron has been a bodybuilder since 2019 and has placed 1st place in OCB bodybuilding. He is a secret nerd who loves coding websites and anything nerd worthy (like any new apps Microsoft adds to its 365 bundle). His favorite cake is snickerdoodle flavored Nothing Bundt cake. His favorite pasttime is is sitting in coffee shops with his laptop and working.

Current Ensembles
Childhood nickname
Joey and it has no connection to my first-middle-last name
Personal hero
My best friend Devon Howard because he helped shape me into the man I am today