Harry Kacak

Harry Kacak discovered improv in his home nation of Australia. Believing he could make a fortune importing the medium to the States, Harry moved to DC with one suitcase of clothing and one suitcase of improv books. He soon came to the realization that improv was already a known quantity in the US, but decided to stay anyways and continue improvising for the love of the game.

Harry currently performs with Diviglio and DC indie stalwarts: The Wonder Years and California King. He previously played with ImproMafia, Hot & Sweaty, Cloaking Device, and Wonderland – a musical improv troupe. He has trained at ImproMafia, ComedySportz, WIT, UCB, iO Chicago, iO West, and Annoyance Theater. To take workshops, he will travel to distant cities like Brisbane, Canberra, Calgary, Chicago, and Miami… so start adding more improv workshops to your tourism commercials, Reykjavik!

When not improvising, Harry can be found at his day job as a consultant, with his backpack in some hostel as far away from his day job as possible, binge watching Netflix, zealously supporting Liverpool FC, or singing and living the songs of Les Mis.

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