Hannah Piper

"I'm really loving this improv thing. I'm gonna get really involved in it as a way to get out of the house more." - Hannah Piper, February 2020

Like not very many, Hannah started improv because she wanted to get better at D&D. Since then she has been a voracious consumer of all things improv. In any given week she’s likely to be teaching a class, attending one of WIT’s advanced classes as a student, and performing or practicing with at least one of the half dozen indie teams she plays with, including a duoprov team (H8 BBs), an improvised sitcom (The Gang’s All Queer), a format of her own design (unoprov, performed by Three Idiots)

As a teacher, Hannah’s central philosophy is that everyone should do improv. She advocates for simple and clean scenes, where details aren’t forgotten and emotions are clear. The less you put on stage, the easier it is to play meaningfully with what’s there.

Hannah still finds time to run D&D group, as of writing this they are over 3 years into a campaign that meets weekly. She also studied physics in college, something she refuses to let anyone forget. Her chief complaint about improv is that while it has helped her become much more social and outgoing “no one told [her] that would mean less time to play video games.”

Photo by Alissa Platz

Favorite snack
Starbursts, but only ones that come in shades of red
Number of tattoos
Two, with three more planned