Em Fiske

Em loves improv and loves teaching, so this is a win-win in her book.

Em always enjoyed comedy and was interested in improv, but it wasn’t until she moved to DC that she dove in and never looked back. After reading Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s autobiographies, she decided it was finally time to give it a try. Doing improv has benefited her in her personal and professional life and she would highly encourage anyone to try a class.

Student Feedback
“Em is great at actually teaching concepts and guidelines. She has expectations of us; it’s a real class not just a fun gathering to play improv games. She is obviously using a curriculum that is well-thought out and has exercises that are great at helping us learn them. She is great at pointing out effective things in scenes.”

“Em is AMAZING. The feedback she gives is constructive, enthusiastic, and really makes you feel like you can do what she’s asking. No intimidation, no feeling like a fraud.”

All time favorite movie:
The Bird Cage
Hidden talent:
Inability to make a choice when ordering food