David Shadburn

While playing the classic short-form game "The Dating Game" during his first improv audition with no prior improv experience, David came up with the idea of playing the character of a soccer ball and just relying on soccer puns to get the point across. He didn't make the troupe then, but it makes for a decent improv origin story.

David began improvising when he joined Mission: Improvable as a freshman at American University on a whim. While completing the WIT curriculum, he co-founded indie team The High-Fivers with members of his Level 4 class after their teacher didn’t believe that anyone actually high-fived in real life. David has competed in multiple FIST tournaments and been allowed to perform such ludicrous ideas as Inception-prov and Alex Jones-prov on WIT stages.

Although both of his siblings studied theater, this political science major is the only Shadburn child still performing. While his family is proud, his friends complain that he leaves improv practices “too confident” and “thinking he’s funny.” David will be sure to remind you that he is from Brooklyn, NY, and spends his days working in environmental politics.

Photo by Ryan Holloway

Personal Motto
Do they serve french fries here?
Best Pizza in DC
Trick question - go to New York