Brittany Oliver

Brittany’s passion for organizational infrastructure fostered her desire to work in business administration. After gaining experience in several unique office environments, she joined WIT's staff to nurture her creative spirit while supporting its staff.

Over the past several years, Brittany gained administrative experience in the medical field and the leasing industry. She derives a great sense of satisfaction from completing her projects in a prompt and efficient manner. Challenges create a burning desire for Brittany to grow; from running payroll to filing, every task offers the ability to troubleshoot and improve systems.

While pursuing administrative roles, Brittany noticed her budding fascination with improv. Workshops at Second City and DC Improv offered her a deeper understanding of sketch writing and improv. Brittany is also a fan of WIT’s Harold Night—she enjoys the hilarious escape the performances provide.

WIT offers an amazing opportunity for Brittany to combine her office experience and personal interests into one extraordinary career journey. The provocative performances inspire her to assist Washington Improv Theater whenever and wherever she is able.

Favorite TV Show
Broad City
Favorite Historical Figure
Harvey Milk