Aagosh Mathur

Aagosh works in Human Resources by day, and so he needs to do improv by night to show his fun side to people.

Aagosh got his start in improv in Los Angeles after a casual suggestion by a coworker when he said “I need a new hobby.” He took classes at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica in 2019 where he was introduced to shortform and longform work. After a pandemic-forced hiatus, he picked it back up WIT in 2023. He also participated in FIST 2024 as a member of the legendary troupe known as the Leftover Donut Holes (alas, they were eliminated in the first round but you haven’t seen the last of us!).

Outside of comedy, Aagosh is a culinary enthusiast and loves to find all the bougie eats in the DMV area. Contrary to what others may think, he is an introverted extrovert who sometimes loves nothing more than being screen-free and curled up with a good detective novel.

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