6:00 PM: A Bad Lip Reading of an Improv Show

Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel created and run by an anonymous producer who intentionally poorly lip-reads video clips for comedic effect. We will do the same, but in a live, improvised show.

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Nicole Barrett, Eileen Breslin, Ryan Brookshire, Olivia D’Aoust, Shijit Dasgupta, Bizzy Fain, Em Fiske, Patrick Fleury, Lauren Gabel, Devon Grams, Justine Hipsky, J.J. Jackson, Shawn Logue, Ben O’Hara, Katie Ozog, Paul Pearlman, Ayala Pourat, Samantha Schifrin, Sabrina Shahmir, Bethany Stokes, Jermaine Trice, Heather Marie Vitale, Clarissa Zies


6:16 PM: The Ladies of Book Club Presents: Scenes from a Book

Scenes from a hat with a twist! Improvisers use opening lines from books to create new scenes.

Cast: Dara Boxer, Maria Gahan, Amber Pierdinock


6:27 PM: Quinceañerx

An improvised quinceañerx with friends and the entire extended family

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ceci De Robertis, Diego Hernandez, Kristina Martinez, Nick Martinez, Olivia Martinez, Ginnie Seger


6:38 PM: WPDC In The Morning!

The soundtrack to your daily commute with the personalities you know and love.

Cast: Bam Alston, Emilyann Key, Kristina Martinez, Kevin Mahoney, Spencer Orenstein


6:49 PM: Faculty Lounge

See your teachers do all the things we told you not to do in class.

Cast: The faculty of WIT


7:04 PM: A Quiet (show)Place 

Catch a sneak peek of these exclusive scenes from John Krasnabnaerinkiski’s newest film “A Quiet (show)Place!”

Cast: Blind Casting 


7:15 PM: The Great Debate

A bunch of improvisers enters the presidential debate of their lives. Their goal? Win the heart of just one person. The debate moderator.

Cast: Bam Alston, Eileen Breslin, Em Fiske, Patrick Fleury, Shawn Logue, Jessica Norman, Paul Pearlman, David Richman, Matthew Strote, Heather Marie Vitale, Vic Whitten


7:24 PM: Double Date: Auditions to Replace Us

Earn your guest spot on Double Date: show us your best celebrity impression or your impression of any one of us.

Cast: Nina Shu, Joe Randazzo, Jane White


7:35 PM: 11-Minute Level 1 Intensive

Improv students cram 8 weeks of classes into 11 minutes.

Cast: Blind Casting 


7:46 PM: The Rossman 

Play a part in the show by giving improvisers a line or challenge. They won’t know what they have to do until they find themselves in the middle of a scene where they don’t know what’s going on!

Cast: Adam Bray, Brendan Gaughn, Allison Shaw, Sean Rossman, Kate Petersen, Spencer Orenstein


7:57 PM: WIT Museum of Improv Art: Recovery

One year after the events of The WIT Art Museum Fire of 2018, a support group is held for those involved, on-stage and off, as we try to rebuild and move on with our lives.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ryan Alloway, Greg Benge, Alex Kazanas, Adam Levine, Jonathan Murphy, Katie Ozog, Krystal Ramseur, Joe Randazzo, Goli Samimi, Heather Marie Vitale


8:08 PM: It Takes A Village

An only kid and his supportive single mom take you back to the home he grew up in.

Cast: Bam Alston, Brenda Alston


8:15 PM: The Lodge Sings: Mandatory Team-Building Seminar

The Lodge is here to help you build trust and camaraderie with your coworkers through a set of snappy improvised songs.

Cast: Mark Carroll, Luke Hennig, Jenny Koch, Adam Levine, Erin Murray, Omar Parbhoo, Samantha Schifrin


8:26 PM: Hail Mary

Welcome to the ImprovZone, where a live panel of experts analyze improvisers’ good–and Hail Mary–moves. It’s good, sporting fun!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ryan Brookshire, Geoff Corey, Neil Goodman, Molly Graham, Justine Hipsky, Nina Hsu, Saleh Karaman, Kristina Martinez, Jamal Newman, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Joe Randazzo, Liz Sanders, Donna Steele, Jane White, Lauren Woody


8:37 PM: Tell It to the Judge

What if you could summon a judge to arbitrate every time you got into a disagreement with someone? It would look a lot like Tell It to the Judge.

Cast: Adam Bray, Nic Small, Blind Casting 


8:48 PM: Grown Scouts

These Gurl Scouts can solve any local or global problem with a combo of real Scout badges and audience suggested adulting skillz.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Eileen Breslin, Olivia D’Aoust, Andrea Erhart, Caroline Howe, Sarah Spell, Lisa Schreihart, Heather Marie Vitale


8:59 PM: Coach Mikey’s Advanced Improv Workshop

DC’s premiere improv coach Mikey Blunschi is back to showcase the latest results of his summer workshop for underperforming improvisers

Cast:  Mikey Blunschi, Geoff Corey, Jamal Newman, Jessica Norman, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff


9:06 PM: An Interrogatory Presents: Interrogatories

Watch a good cop and a (kind of?) bad cop question a criminal they know too well by now. The pettiest perp is back, but is their most recent crime as petty as their last? We’ll find out.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Jordana Mishory, Joe Randazzo


9:17 PM: Deus É Brasileiro

Find out the true, behind-the-scenes story of things you never knew were Brazilian.

Cast: Chris Lewitzke, Diego Hernandez, Spencer Orenstein, Samantha Watson


9:28 PM: A Streetcar Named Deadman

An improvised exploration of Tennessee William’s women* and the delicate creatures they eviscerate. *His archetypes, not his specific characters. There won’t be scenes with Blanche DuBois or Laura Wingfield. There will be scenes playing with these archetypes.

Cast: Catherine Deadman, Mark Chalfant, David Steib


9:39 PM: Runaway Train Presents: Pillows and Blankets

The Runaway Train gang works out their issues during a slumber party, complete with pillow forts, blankets, and pajamas.

Cast: Michael Alvino, Geoff Corey, Nina Hsu, Nic Small, Lauren Woody


9:51 PM: White Privilege, Woke Responses

It’s time to tell a white person what you really think.

Cast: Darnell Eaton, Derek Hayes, Erica Johnson, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Krystal Ramseur, Nic Small, Greg Tindale


10:02 PM: 4-Turn

See what happens when 4 people improvise a capella music together — without knowing what or when the other folks are going to sing!

Cast: Beth Lyons, Elaine Colwell, Molly Graham, Cassie Barnum


10:07 PM: Florida Man/Woman/Etc.: An Epic Journey

What happens in Florida makes the headlines! See your favorite Florida headlines come to life in an epic journey thru the events that preceded the headline and led to it!

Cast: Justus Hammond, Joe Randazzo, Kate Symes, Stephen Gabauer, Em Fiske, Shijit Dasgupta, Cassandra Copello, Dana Malone Heiser, Ren John


10:18 PM: Wonder Whale Gets Hammered!

When Wonder Whale performs they really hit the nail on the head.

Cast: Angela Karpieniak, Brianna Rooney, Josh Rachford, Kara Kinsey, Kelsey Peters, Kenny Park Yi, Meredith Garagiola, Mikail Faalasli, Slli’m Williams, Tom Di Liberto, Ben Taylor


10:29 PM: Found in Translation

While creating scenes mixing English and one or more of up to 11 other languages, we’ll show how improv transcends all barriers and fosters understanding.

Cast: Shijit Dasgupta, Abigail Fu, Diego Hernandez, Caroline Howe, Jennifer Hyman, Tom Kaze, Svend Larsen, Béatrice Leydier, Erin Briana Murray, Andrea Quach, Analía Gómez Vidal, Jane White


10:40 PM: Close Talkers

Our improvisers don’t believe in personal bubbles. They like talking close.

Cast: Blind Casting


10:51 PM: The Dinner Party 

Three people gather for a dinner party. The main entree: tension. And for dessert? A heaping of betrayal. This show is not designed to be funny.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Saleh Karaman, Jordana Mishory


11:02 PM: 37 Puppies Presents: Too Much of a Good Thing

Is there something you love so much you think there could never be too much of it? (for example, puppies) Think again.

Cast: Eileen Beslin, Justin Carty, Béatrice Leydier, Spencer Orenstein, Kristen Timko, Sarah Wilson


11:13 PM: WEATHER: Storm Chasin’

Tom and Jared are two real life meteorologists who want to bring you on a fun and happy storm chasing road trip where nothing ever goes wrong.

Cast: Tom Di Liberto, Jared Smith


11:20 PM: Grandma’s Fire Blanket Goes to Hell

Indie weirdos Grandma’s Fire Blanket take you to the 9 circles of hell and then some.

Cast: Joe Iannuzzi, Adam Levine, Oona MacDougall, Turner Meeks, Sabrina Shahmir, Isabelle Solomon, Abel Vandegrift, Liz Williams


11:31 PM: Mimes! Just Mimes!

Mimes! We’ll use physicality and emotion to communicate without words, tug at your heart-strings, and make you laugh!

Cast: Eileen Autodidact, Olivia D’Aoust, Shawn Fisher, John Manning, Samantha Watson


11:36 PM: Sex & the City-Prov

Sad SATC ended in 2004? Well, fear not, the revival is alive and well and made up on the spot. Do the ladies’ problems and triumphs translate in 2019? Find out!

Cast: Matt Berman, Mikey Blunschi, Elaine Colwell, Amanda Hahn, Jordana Mishory, Shealy Molpus, Jonathan Murphy, Jessica Norman, Brady Peters



Can improv survive a zombie apocalypse?

Cast: Erick Acuña, Stacey Axler, Melanie Cambpell, Kalynn Chambers, Niv Ellis, Patrick Fleury, Rosemary Grant, James Jelin, Taylor Kniffin, Max Makovetsky, Kenny Park Yi, Kelsey Peters, Macey Schiff, Kaelan Sullivan, Tandra Turner, Slim Williams


11:58 PM: Pimp-prov

These improvisers will yes-and each other off a cliff.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Geoff Corey, Richie Khanh, Kara Kinsey, Brianna Lux, Jamal Newman, Joe Randazzo, Heather Marie Vitale, Jason Walther, Jane White


12:09 AM: Cage/Off: Nic Cage Performs Your Favorite Movie

You’ve finally gotten your other wish: your favorite movie brought to life where every character is played by Nic Cage.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Molly Murchie, Jonathan Murphy, Liz Sanders, Patrick Slevin


12:18 AM: Spicy Bits

Bust out a glass of milk and don’t rub your eyes, cause we are cranking the heat up for this one!

Cast: Anna Cooper, Rosie Grant, Kara Kinsey, Martin Steger, Clyde Thompson, Jeff Waggett, Slli’m Williams, Madeline Welch, Blind Casting


12:25 AM: Joe Randazzo Directs Classic Fairy Tales

Watch as dramatic improv director Joe Randazzo directs classic fairy tales to his darker liking.

Cast: Matt Berman, John Heiser, Justine Hipsky, Nina Hsu, Saleh Karaman, Dan Miller, Joe Randazzo, Jane White, Clarissa Zies