From WIT Artistic/Executive Director Mark Chalfant: A note about WIT’s ticket prices

Starting with FIST 2018, we are changing WIT’s ticket pricing structure. Specifically, we’re implementing a nominal price increase and adjusting pricing to improve transparency around credit card fees.

WIT hasn’t increased our regular ticket prices in six years. Yet over the past several years, WIT’s performance-related costs have increased significantly. Venue rental fees have gone up over time (both at our home venue Source and venues like DC Arts Center) and so have personnel and production costs—ranging from WIT’s full and part-time staff to paid booth operators and front of house staff.

As WIT examined our ticket pricing model, we also decided to increase transparency around ticketing fees. Historically, WIT has charged a minimal two dollar “convenience” fee to offset the cost of credit card processing and the service fee charged by our ticketing vendor. The actual cost to WIT of processing a normal $12 ticket is $2.06. We didn’t make any money off the fees—they merely ensured that the full ticket price supported our organization.

Nevertheless, we don’t like these additional fees. We don’t like seeing them when we buy WIT tickets, or when we shop elsewhere on the internet. So we’re getting rid of them. Moving forward regular WIT shows will be a flat $15 in advance, with no additional fee. Previously that $15 advance ticket was $12 plus the $2 fee. So in practice, this means an increase of $1 to see a WIT show, assuming you are buying in advance. Buying in advance will always be cheaper than buying at the door. For special high-demand shows, or shows with increased production costs, average prices may be higher.

We are always trying to make our shows accessible, and keeping costs low is part of that. It’s why Harold Night remains a free event now in its eighth year, and why we regularly provide free and discounted tickets for our student community. WIT performances are still among the most affordable live theater options in the city and we intend to keep accessibility an organizational priority.

– Mark

January 31, 2018