Use laughter to practice good communication skills: Nichole Hill

I was taking storytelling classes in 2017 and had read about how improv was helpful to people. I loved going to improv shows in NYC but it seemed silly for me to do as an adult.

Someone I knew posted about completing an improv class. She said the experience was transformational and she learned things that were surprisingly applicable to other areas of her life.

I figured, if she could do it, I could do it too. I looked into improv in DC and WIT was at the top of every list. So I decided to take a class.

I was nervous at first. The people were so hilarious. It felt like everyone knew more than I did.

Once I learned that improv has structure and involves practicing communication and teamwork, I felt so much more at ease. I started to have a lot of fun creating hilarious scenes with my teammates.

I joined a group called I Don’t Know Her. We’ve performed a lot, enthusiastically sat in on a lot of shows, and connected with the improv community in DC.

We have been so proud to be part of the Black improv community.

I’m a podcast producer and tell stories for a living. I use the improv skills I’ve learned to tell them as authentically and naturally as possible!

It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made!

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March 5, 2021