The Best Way to Support WIT’s Work

Become a monthly donor to WIT for as little as $5 per month. Regular giving enables us confidently expand the reach of our community outreach.

Here’s what your gift will do:

  • $40 per month will pay for a semester of workshops for women experiencing homelessness at Calvary Women’s Services. This program supports Calvary’s mission to empower women in DC to transform their lives.
  • $20 per month enables us to introduce improv to Washingtonians through THREE Improv for All Workshops. Held at locations like CentroNia or the Deanwood Neighborhood Library, these workshops give improv newcomers a taste of the joy and creative freedom improv provides.
  • $10 per month pays for two sessions of youth workshops at Marie Reed Elementary, Sitar Arts Center and Kingman Boys and Girls Club. These workshops equip kids with confidence, cooperation, and creative thinking.




Want to do more? Your gift can support any of our community outreach activities, our mainstage programming, our classes at Anacostia Arts Center, our diversity scholarship, or another area of programming. Contact to discuss a major gift to WIT.

December 18, 2018