“And, Scene!” teams up with Studio Acting Conservatory for eight performances

Washington Improv Theater has partnered with the Studio Acting Conservatory (SAC) to present an eight-performance run of And, Scene!—an ongoing project show that blends scripted theater with the unexpected nature of improvisation. And, Scene! is part of Washington Improv Theater Presents

And, Scene! works like this: the show’s producers pair scripted actors with improvisers to perform a scene from a play. The actors stay on script while the improvisers make up the other half of the scene. The result is an unpredictable and joyous exercise in justifying curveballs and creating a new world out of existing source material.

And, Scene! is truly a delight for both performers and audiences,” said WIT Artistic/Executive Director Mark Chalfant. “Watching both the actors and improvisers make connections in real time, right in front of your eyes, is both fun and riveting. I can’t wait to see the surprises in store for this collaboration with SAC.”

And, Scene!, which is produced by longtime WIT improvisers Alex Kazanas, Isabelle Solomon, and Simone Webster, teamed up with SAC to provide actors for this run. The collaboration is an effort to expand And, Scene!’s pool of actor talent, highlighting local performers

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to collaborate with WIT and to be on stage with these talented improvisers,” said SAC Executive Director Emily Morrison. “No matter the theme, it will be great fun to see what transpires as we play along the edge of the unknown.”

For this performance series, WIT improvisers will be paired with actors from the Studio Acting Conservatory. The four-week run will be broken down into themes:

  • Week one: Comedy (SAC actors: Dana Andersen, Khalid Abayomi, Danielle J. Curry, Crystal Fomba, Brian Franchell, Trenor Gould, Maryanne Henderson, Emily Morrison)
  • Week two: Shakespeare (SAC actors: Joseph Crea, Maryanne Henderson, George Kassouf, Emily Morrison)
  • Week three: Drama (SAC actors: Khalid Abayomi, Dana Anderson, Hana Clarice, Erika Eldrenkamp, Brian Franchell, Trenor Gould, Rebecca Newton, Chelsea Shorte)
  • Week four: Comedy (SAC actors: Hana Clarice, Conor Donah, Erika Eldrenkamp, April Everett, George Kassouf, Rebecca Newton, Chelsea Shorte)

And, Scene! was created by Ray Simeon and Alex Kazanas.

And, Scene! is a part of WIT’s series Washington Improv Theater Presents series. Get tickets here.

March 20, 2023