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Welcome to one of the most awesome, supportive communities in the DMV. Washington Improv Theater students come from all walks of life, but they’re united by their excitement about improv and commitment to showing each other a good time.


A large part of learning improv is watching improv. While you will be doing some watching in classes, it is also suggested that you watch some shows on your own. Check out WIT’s upcoming shows! Especially on Harold Nights when we have two free shows every Tuesday.

If those shows don’t align with your schedule, check out more shows around the DC area on the District Improv website and on the DC Indie Improv Facebook page.


Come to jams! You can jam every week after Harold Night or go to independent jams such as Bagelz & Jam (for female-identified improvisers and sponsored by District Improv). Attend a Diversity Jam. Form a practice group with your classmates/WIT friends.


Hear some improv greats geek out. These are some popular podcasts to check out:


Find us on social media! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (if you want to get professional). You can also meet people offline by getting involved with WIT through volunteering, interning, and more.


Get a place to practice. DC Space Finder is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, searchable database of arts venues and facilities in the Washington, DC metro area. The website lists venues that offer space for classes, workshops, auditions, rehearsals, performances, and more.


Plug in with the greater DC scene on the Facebook group DC Indie Improv. Get experiences and insights with improv enthusiasts from all over the country on

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Your questions, answered

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in taking the plunge with a class at Washington Improv Theater. Here’s some basic information that you should know about the way we run our program.

Read Class Policies

In order for the fun to reach its maximum potential, it is important all WIT students keep a few key guidelines in mind and abide by the hallowed Code of Honorable and Fun Behavior.

Respect the Classroom

Please be nice to the walls, chairs, lights, tables, or any other part of the space. Put spaces back exactly the way you found them and leave any standing projects alone. We are guests in each of our class spaces and we want to make sure we are good ambassadors of the WIT community and maintain a positive relationship. Make sure your bottles, cups, or any other trash is disposed of. Smokers, please smoke across the street from the school and be sure to dispose of your cigarette butts off of school property.

Respect the Class Time

We know things happen. Traffic’s a bear. Jobs can be unpredictable. But please arrive on time to the best of your ability, attend class unless you absolutely cannot, and save non-class related business for before or after class or during breaks. If you know that you are going to be late or absent, please notify your instructor ahead of time. Students who miss three class sessions will be dropped from the class at the instructor’s discretion and may not participate in the showcase or advance to the next level.

Respect Each Other

Improvisation is a deeply trust-based form of performance, we ask that you show nothing but support for your classmates. In return, they will ensure their absolute trust in you. This means not only actively supporting them in scenes and exercises, but also passively supporting them by remaining physically and mentally present in the classroom and minimizing distractions. While class is in session, please avoid eating, drinking alcohol, texting, email, or other sorts of electronic messaging, and talking while your teacher or a fellow classmate is talking. Be polite and respectful. Respect physical and emotional boundaries. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated. Please don’t come to class under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please don’t bring guests to class, they will be asked to leave. If you’re sick and contagious, don’t come to class. You know your physical limits – keep yourself safe in any physical exercise or scene.

Take a look at our official class policies.