12:00 PM HBO Presents: Animals Do Improv

Animals on the streets of DC – what could they possibly get into?!

Cast: Jeff Aich, Sam Bonar, Geoff Corey, Marissa Goodstone, Hannah Johnson, Sarah Houghton, David Lapkoff, Lauren LaVare, Tony Lazzeroni, Erin Murray, Seth Payne, David Richman, Sam Schifrin, Heather Marie Vitale


12:16 PM Time Keeps on Slippin

Inspired by Boyhood, watch as a family experiences a decade of conflict in mere minutes.

Cast: Kayla Blado, Caroline Howe, Mike Knapp, Damien O’Connell, Jess Ondusko, Dev Patel, Lori Pitts, Aaron Yoches


12:27 PM Unknown Number

Two people who haven’t talked in awhile change that.

Cast: Kelsey Peters, Martin Steger


12:34 PM Bat Stand-Up

You’ve enjoyed stand-up in a dark bar, but let’s take it one step further.

Cast: Robin Doody, Elizabeth Fulton, Emily Ralph


12:45 PM Mind Blowing by the Great E&D

Have you mind blown as the great E&D tell you your most intimate thoughts and predict your futures.

Cast: Dave Johnson, Eva Lewis


12:56 PM Mmm Whatcha Say?

Life can be pretty mundane sometimes. Reading the paper, microwaving a burrito, watching Netflix … getting shot in the back by your best friend?! Watch as these scenes suddenly go from 0 to 60 with zero warning.

Cast: Geoff Blizard, Tony Lazzeroni, Krystal Ramseur, Samantha Schifrin, John Schmitz, Heather Marie Vitale



A tragedy of Herculean proportions. May contain: death! prophecies! coincidences! dramatic irony! incest? catharsis!

Cast: Ted Blanton, Eileen Breslin, Ulysses Campbell, Rob DePaulo, Bex Ehrmann, Sam Harris, Daniel Miller, Eliana Reyes, Sarah Spell


1:14 PM Ansari’s Posse

Show us your most awkward text exchange, and we’ll take it from there.

Cast: Jeff Aich, Ela Macander, Lauren Pagni, David Richman, John Roller, Catherine Shelton, Raymond Simeon, Annette Summers


1:25 PM What ARE You Doing?

Object work has never been more competitive!

Cast: Zach Beattie, Elaine Colwell, Geoff Corey, Kevin Mahoney, Aaron Merrill, Dan Miller, Jordana Mishory, Lauren Woody


1:36 PM Ur Mom’s Address Presents: What Would Emi Do?

Our teammate Emi is out traveling the world. In an attempt to fill this void, we will each play multiple characters within the same scene.

Cast: Nic Small, Martin Steger, Katie Watkins


1:47 PM TOAST! Presents: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Raise a glass and cheers with TOAST!

Cast: Ari Kaiser, Sarah Leibach, Shealy Molpus, Erin Murray


1:52 PM Fran Presents: FRANTIC!

A major catastrophe has wiped out most of civilization. What will Fran do when things get FRANTIC?

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sarah Bucher, Ari Glatman-Zaretsky, Justine Hipsky, Ryan McCloskey, Patrick Murray, Alan Prunier, Renan Snowden


2:07 PM Pleased to Meet You

The real-life-inspired moments when you share a conversation with a stranger. Sometimes you make fast friends. Other times you find solidarity in a crappy situation. In every case, interactions with strangers are weird and interesting.

Cast: Zach Mason, Jonathan Murphy


2:14 PM Coach Mikey’s Advanced Improv Showcase

Coach Mikey is a well-respected improv coach in the DC metro area who just wants his students to reach down deep and find themselves.

Cast: Mikey Blunschi, Lauren Boston, Devin Horne, Ellie Klein, Adam Levine, Rob Miller, Jessica Norman


2:25 PM Remote Possibilities Presents: Yes Anderson

Your favorite TV-loving improvisers do a show in the style of Wes Anderson movies.

Cast: Sharon Baldwin, Erin Fox, Jason Herbert, Kim Le, Sarah Maher, Marty McGuire, Andy McIntyre, John Windmueller


2:40 PM How Touching

Getting closer to fine.

Cast: Blind casting


2:51 PM Bogan-prov

Two improvisers from a small theatre in rural Australia show off their talents to the American public for the first time.

Cast: Dave Johnson, Harry Kacak


2:58 PM Get Folked Up with Tony & Ryan!

Tony and Ryan go acoustic.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Tony Lazzeroni


3:09 PM Farm to Table

Discover the hidden adventures of your favorite foods as they journey from farm to table.

Cast: Ceci De Robertis, Aaliah Elnasseh, Caroline Howe, JJ Jackson, Brittany Koteles, Lauren LaVare, Amanda Nadeau, Cara Popecki, Amy Purcell


3:20 PM Door #3 Presents: The Monosong

Why wait through scenes to get to the wonderful songs? Monosong will give you one long, engaging, emotion-laden, story-filled song that runs the entire length of the show!

Cast: Laura Brown, Katie Dunn, Taunya Ferguson, Harry Kacak, Tony Lopez, Beth Lyons, John Manning, Paul Rosenberg, Erin Smith, David Steib, Zach Walls


3:31 PM Tiovivo Presents: TiovivoTiovivo

Tiovivo tries to read each other’s minds in an effort to discover what they are REALLY thinking.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Kristin Brown, Melissa Gedney, Diego Hernandez, Nina Hsu, Nicole McCauley, Ginnie Seger, Elijah Sloan, Kaelan Sullivan


3:42 PM Varsity Blues

In West Canaan, Texas, high school football reigns supreme. With their championship season on the line, the team has to pull it together at halftime and figure out how to win.

Cast: Pete Bergen, Robin Doody, John Heiser, Kevin Mahoney, Zach Mason, Rob Miller, Jamal Newman, Greg Tindale


3:57 PM Follow the Walk-On

Ever wonder what happens to the walk-ons: the helpful waiters, the caring moms, mostly waiters? What’s their story?

Cast: Jesse Chimes, Elizabeth Fulton, Jenny Koch, Adam Levine, Jordana Mishory, Jonathan Murphy, Donna Steele


4:08 PM Pamplemousse Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure

Who didn’t love Choose Your Own Adventure books as a child? Now let’s try it with improv!

Cast: Kara Kinsey, Amber Pierdinock, Krystal Ramseur, Tu Ann Truong


4:19 PM TwinProv

The twinniest twins that ever twinned twin-out together and illustrate their twin-minds. #Twinning

Cast: Lura Barber, Rob Miller


4:26 PM Not Great with Kids Babysits

Not Great with Kids returns to prove how great they are with kids once and for all.

Cast: David Barth (age 2), Jeff Bollen, Ryan Brookshire, Geoff Corey, Emily Crovella, Megan Cummings, Jules Duffy, Mabel Gauthier (age 3.5), Derek Hayes, Justine Hipsky, Lisa Kays, Rhys Magee (age 2), Veronica Norman, Amy Purcell, Gaspare Randazzo (age 3), Joe Randazzo, Lauren Woody




4:46 PM LIZARD McGuire: Back to School

See what happens when Lizzie McGuire pops back on the scene in 2017 with her alter ego cartoon soliloquies and 2004-junior-high mindset.

Cast: Mikey Blunschi, Tyler Laminack, Sarah Leibach, Adam Levine, Dan Milliken, Shealy Molpus, Jessica Norman, Bryce Slinger, Jared Smith, Lauren Woody


4:57 PM Audience ABACADA

See what happens when an experienced improvisational circlesong leader meets an unsuspecting, but hopefully game to “yes-and,” Improvapalooza audience, and employs the power of call-and-response.

Cast: Beth Lyons


5:02 PM Paradigms of Human Memory

Runaway Train has had a number of adventures since forming. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane.

Cast: Michael Alvino, Nina Hsu, Lauren LaVare, Nic Small, Lauren Woody


5:17 PM YMCA: You Must Create Acronyms

We make acronyms out of words suggested by the audience and perform scenes based on them.

Cast: Ted Blanton, Eileen Breslin, Shijit Dasgupta, Jennifer Hyman, Ryan McClure, Phil Morton


5:24 PM First Date/Last Fight

See them fall in love … then fall apart.

Cast: John Heiser, Katie Ozog


5:35 PM Improvised Pride Parade

Watch as this improvised Pride Parade goes from fun to weird to just plain queer.

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Joey Breems, Ceci De Robertis, Nick Martinez, Olivia Martinez, Brant Miller, Christina Witwer


5:46 PM Rancy Neagan Presents: All The Single Ladies!

n which one single lady per scene will play all the characters!

Cast: Sarah Bucher, Justine Hipsky, Kelsey Peters, Samantha Schifrin, Heather Marie Vitale


6:01 PM TarotCat!

Cat Fullerton’s cards never lie, and they say your future holds … laughter!

Cast: Blind casting.


6:16 PM Harry Potter-prov

Hear the real side of the story from other characters in the Harry Potter universe, and watch the magic unfold.

Cast: Mary Ann Badavi, Annie Barry, Tawny Clark, Shijit Dasgupta, Ceci De Robertis, Elizabeth Fulton, Justine Hipsky, David Lapkoff, Jess Lee, Catie Merino, Jessica Norman, Macey Schiff, Vic Whitten


6:27 PM The Face of Fear

We’re on a voyage in the night. Something is coming for us in the light.

Cast: Sam Bonar, Ryan Brookshire, Jesse Chimes, Robin Doody, Justine Hipsky, Sabrina Shahmir, Ray Simeon, Elijah Sloan, Jared Smith, Kaelan Sullivan


6:42 PM Funny Fat Friends

Your funny fat friend gets real.

Cast: Paula Atkinson, Pete Bergen, Melanie Boyer, Megan Cummings, Sarah Flocken, Molly Graham, Susan Jacob, Tonya Jordan, Lisa Kayes, Jess Lee, Shawn Logue, Catie Merino, Jordana Mishory, Katie Ozog, Macey Schiff


6:57 PM TWIT Peaks

Eleven improvisers channel David Lynch and take possession of the inhabitants of Twin Peaks to explore the simple charms and underlying evil of this small logging community.

Cast: Catherine Deadman, Darnell Eaton, Kaitlin Kemp, Adam Koussari-Amin, Zach Mason, Jonathan Murphy, Dan O’Neil, Liz Sanders, Sabrina Shahmir, Heather Marie Vitale, Lauren Woody


7:12 PM White Privilege Black Power: Whiter & Blacker

More White privilege! More Black power! More questions about race, gender, and everything else you avoid talking to your grandfather about.

Cast: Lura Barber, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Greg Tindale


7:23 PM DiOuijio

Who do you want DiOuijio to bring back from the beyond?! Let the séance begin…

Cast: Annie Barry, David Bresica-Weiler, Michael Burgos, Jesse Chimes, Ari Kaiser, Jenny Koch, Zach Mason, Erin Murray, Sabrina Shamir, Caroline Yates


7:38 PM Whoa Nelly!

What if improv was a spectator SPORT, complete with commentators calling the action. Whoa Nelly! aims to find out.

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Pete Bergen, Geoff Corey, John Heiser, Sarah Houghton, Eva Lewis, Jonathan Murphy, Erin Murray, Jamal Newman, Jessica Norman, Kate Symes


7:49 PM Escape Room-prov

A group of improvisers tries to escape Source – but they need YOUR help to do it!

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Isabel Galbraith, Mary Lauran Hall, Mike Hendrix, Mikael Johnson, Dan Miller, Dan O’Neil


8:04 PM iMusical: Director’s Cut

An inside look at iMusical’s rehearsal process

Cast: Matt Berman, Mark Chalfant, Elaine Colwell, Erica Johnson, Travis Ploeger, Jaci Pulice


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