12:00 PM WITtle Ones

WIT’s next generation of improv talents takes the stage with their parents.

Cast: Several children of WIT improvisers and their stage parents.


12:16 PM Table For One Presents: DC Public Service Announcements

Have you ever found yourself at the top of the Woodley Park escalator only to realize you’re now trapped watching your life slowly pass by as the escalator descends two hundred feet because at least 20 tourists with baby carriages are standing on BOTH sides of the escalator? Did you know that the only way a Washingtonian begins a conservation is by asking you where you work? Did you know that there is a 95 percent chance that the metro car you just got on will break down in the most inconvenient location possible? Well, don’t worry. Table for One presents DC PSAs to show you how to take on cultural differences and the everyday first world problems of this great city.

Cast: Scott Hulsey, Brooke Lillard, John Quinn, Goli Samimi, Neil Satchey, Mark Vingua, and Kathy Baird Westfall.


12:27 PM Pizza Party Presents: Four Princesses and a Prince Walk into a…

No woodland creatures. No fairy godmothers. No rules. What happens when Disney royalty has to live, work, and date in the real world? Pizza Party Presents: Four Princesses and a Prince Walk into a… will explore what happens when magical characters are trapped in not-so-magical settings.

Cast: Mary Ann Badavi, Jesse Chimes, Danielle Deraney, Kaitlyn Hemingway, and Emi Ruff.


12:38 PM Baby Modern Dance

Let the baby be our modern-day Richard Simmons and tell us how to dance.

Cast: Kiera Carpenter, Sam Bonar, Michael Hendrix, Liz Sanders, Isabel Galbraith, and Joe Dawson.


12:43 PM Illuminaughty

Do you believe the world is run by a secret society? Politics? Finance? Entertainment? Come and learn the secrets of the Illuminaughty.

Cast:  Ahmed Amonette, Nicholas Boros, Charles Bowles, Phil Greene, David Richman, and Bryan Thren.


12:54 PM Stovëtron Presents: The “Rotisserie” Grill

Stovëtron is known for cooking up some amazing shows. This time, however, they want to get all the flavor we can out of an audience member story. Stovëtron presents: The “Rotisserie” Grill. We”ll spin an audience member and grill them with questions to achieve their maximum flavor potential.

Cast: Melissa Gedney, Jim Haverty, Kian McKellar, Nick Seaver, Veronica Norman, Angela Karpeniak, and Jacob Chadwick.


1:09 PM Big No-No and the Five Senses

Got anything we can chew on? Or take a whiff of? Or touch? Or listen to? Or examine? Eh, we’ll probably do all that stuff either way.

Cast: Sam Bonar and Michael Hendrix.


1:20 PM Menstrual Pains

Headaches, mood swings, cravings, you name it. We’ve had them too! Menstrual pains is going to make you feel cramps… from laughter!

Cast: Analia Gomez Vidal and Cara Popecki.


1:25 PM Like Talking to a Wall


Cast: Blind Casting.


1:36 PM M-Dawg + Breezy Presents: Extreme Twinning

Two lives separated by a couple states and 30-some odd years discover that they were not only born on the very same day, but that they work in the same office building and they both love improvisational comedy and other people’s dogs. COINCIDENCE OR FATE? M-Dawg + Breezy: two sisters from another mother search for ANSWERS.

Cast: Mary Canter and Brianna Lux.


1:41 PM DeLorean

What in the world has led to this explosive, emotional moment?

Cast: Audrey Payne, Zach Martin, Patrick De Oliveira, Lauren Anjoli Watson, Dylan Pfaff, Melissa Majerol, Kevin Koeser, and Kelsey Peters.


1:52 PM Richie Presents: Glenn Close Presents: The Harold

Harold is a structure used in longform improvisational theatre. Developed by Glenn Close in the 1960’s, the Harold has become a popular format that is now performed by improv troupes across the world.

Cast: Zach Beattie, Erica Geiser, Molly Graham, Adam Koussari-Amin, Kevin Mahoney, Aaron Merrill, and Katie Ozog.


2:07 PM 108 Improvapalooza Shows

Jason and Jordana submitted 108 ideas for Improvapalooza. We will try to perform them all in one show.

Cast: Jordana Mishory and Jason Walther.


2:18 PM Waiting for _____

Have you ever had to hang around waiting for a friend? Then you know it’s a lot better when you’re in good company. Come commiserate with us while we’re Waiting for _____!

Cast: Alex Abbott, Erick Acuña, Ryan Alloway, Geoff Blizard, Madeline Dunsmore, Dan Ennis, JD Gore, Rhonda Mendoza, and David Richman.


2:29 PM Shy

We have stage fright, and we’re owning it! Enjoy our panic-induced style of performing, and get ready to feel just a little bit better about your own impending sense of doom!

Cast: Meredith Whipple, J.J. Jackson, Peter Bergen, Alyssa Marciniak, Rai Sen, Kris Shenenberger, Mike Beerman, and Veronica Norman.


2:40 PM Hulk Harold

Hulk improvisers do Hulk Harold for Hulk audience members. See Hulk smash Hulk group games!

Terrell Fuller, Rosemary Grant, John Heiser, Kaitlyn Hemingway, Tony Lazzeroni, Sarah Leibach, Jordana Mishory, Shealy Molphus, Patrick Murray, Meg O’halloran, Kelsey Peters, Samara Strauss, and Kaelan Sullivan.


2:51 PM Thankzgiving 2007 Presents: Wreztlemania 2007

Are you looking for some body-slamming, face-smashing, chair-slapping excitement? Well join Thankzgiving 2007 as they present Wreztlemania 2007: for once, a truly unscripted professional wrestling match.

Cast: James Cohen, Kathleen DePorter, Laura Havel, Kaela Jeffers, Clara Sackey, Eric Smith, and David Stauffer.


3:02 PM Family Affair Presents: Fight for the Remote

The plot thickens between Family Affair, as there is a fight for the remote among the audience, hurdling Family Affair between genre channels—western, noir, melodrama, horror, and more!!! Meanwhile, in the fray, the troupe is also at the mercy of the dreaded buttons (gasp!)—fast-forward, rewind, and slow mode. Who will be the couch champion in this fight for the remote? –The most dexterous audience this side of the Potomac.

Cast: Devon Grams, J.J. Jackson, Alan Prunier, Amy Rankin, Rai Sen, and Sue Tetterton. 


3:17 PM Your Kid Sucks

The show highlights the highs and lows of the competitive (insert “activity” scene) season, while exploring the relationships between the parents themselves.

Cast: Kate Bresnahan, Sarah Bucher, Ari Glatman Zaretsky, Elizabeth Fulton, Steve Major, Faith Laurie, Brant Huggins, Britnie Morris, John Schmitz, and Heather Marie Vitale.


3:28 PM Indeprovdence Day: Resurgence

We had 20 years to prepare for the sequel to “Your Kid Sucks”… so did they!

Cast: Alex Beard, Mark Chalfant, Bryan Jackson, Jordana Mishory, Caroline Pettit, Katie Rush, and Liz Sanders.


3:39 PM Mole People: Welcome to Our World

Welcome to the world of Mole People. We left the surface of earth because everything is really shitty up there. We like it better underground. Come to our tunnels and get away for awhile. We’re happy to have you here, guest.

Cast: Ryan Alloway, John Carrol, Erica Geiser, John Heiser, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Bri Lux, Rob Miller, Dan O’Neil, and Katie Ozog.


3:46 PM When Harry Swiped Right on Sally

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for a tinder-matched blind date? Well today is your lucky day! We’re skipping the chatting step, getting to the point and going straight to the first date to find out. Because who doesn’t want to meet the first person they see on Tinder?

Cast: Cameron Harley, Brooke Lillard, Bryan Pena, and Miriam Wheatley.


3:57 PM Who Is STEELY DAN?

Who is Steely Dan? Well, you don’t know DAN. It’s not a band, but a man.

Cast: Michael Hendrix, Isabel Galbraith, Joe Dawson, and Liz Sanders.


4:08 PM SwiftProv

An audience member will tell us their favorite TS song and why they like it, maybe even sing the chorus, and then we’ll do a short scene.

Cast: Steven Marinelli and Analia Gomez Vidal.


4:13 PM Human Knot Harold

This is knot your normal Harold!

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Ceci De Robertis, Yaelle Elena, Erica Geiser, Molly Graham, John Heiser, J.J. Jackson, Katie McDermott, Jordana Mishory, Katie Ozog, Richie Pepio, Macey Schiff, Elijah Sloan, and Lauren Woody.


4:28 PM Door #3 Presents: Broadway-Prov

How can improvisers perform an entire show without talking? By singing, of course. If you’ve seen Hamilton, Le Miz or Rent, you know what we mean. Door #3 will perform a sung-through musical, no speaking, only singing and maybe some rapping….with one of our fabulous musicians, of course.

Cast: Laura Brown, Beth Lyons, Taunya Ferguson, Katie Dunn, David Steib, Tony Lopez, James Freeman, Jim Levy, and Paul Rosenberg.


4:43 PM No Humans Allowed

Improv with no human characters allowed. Every scene will be populated exclusively with animals and objects.

Cast: Jamie Bingner, Ali Branscombe, Julia D’Ambrosi, Taylor Edwards, Christina Floriza, and Steve Major.


4:54 PM Improvariety!

Improvariety! What could that be? Who wants to see a fluid mash-up and intersection of long-form, short-form, musical, rap, sketch, and stand-up comedy all in one show? You do! Come laugh and play with us!

Cast: Michael Beerman, Tiffany Cain, Trudi Jo Davis, Harry Kacak, Saleh Karaman, Tony Lopez, Hank MacDonald, San Miguel, Pete Pinocci, and Sherrita Wilkins.


5:05 PM Uncanny Xprov 2: Xprov United

Last year’s team of mighty mutants have all perished in a series of unrelated texting while driving car accidents. Professor X must now enlist the audience’s help to form a new team of All-New All-Different X-men and save the world!

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Elaine Colwell, Tim Harkin, Richie Kahn, Rob Miller, Jordana Mishory, and Sarah Yoo.


5:20 PM Babylon

Returning Palooza show. Scenes in languages other than English. 

Cast: Blind casting and Mark Chalfant.


5:31 PM Lost Objects

Series of montages based on various lost objects.

Cast: Pia Nargundkar, Lauren Morrell, Lauren Thrap, Jennie Ellwanger, Faith Halter, Stephanie Smilay, and Jon Jon Raizon.


5:42 PM Hot Garbage Presents: “Trash Compactor”

What happens when you smoosh people together AS they make things up? DC’s resident denizens of detritus are about to find out. The stage is our garbage truck, you control “the button,” and we’ll perform scene after scene in increasingly tight quarters. Everyone will be pulverized – with laughter!

Cast: Darren Cunningham, Sarah Flocken, and Chris Trice.


5:53 PM Harold: The Ballet

Some improv shows can be so bourgeoisie these days. Come class it up with a bit of the finer arts, as you watch the allure of the Harold meet the beauty of ballet.

Cast: Coonoor Behal, Jeff Bollen, Sam Bonar, Ryan Brookshire, Ceci DeRobertis, Derek Hayes, Ari Koudounas, Eva Lewis, and Sarah Yoo.


6:08 PM Detours

If you were disappointed by how Lincoln’s or Anthony Weiner’s stories ended, this is the show for you. Not just one improv story. Explore all the possibilities with the help of these imaginative improvisers.

Cast: Daniel Ennis, Jeff Hewitt, Jordan Greene, Joseph Parry, Kris Shenenberger, Meredith Whipple, Rajyashree Sen, Richard Dunn, and Zach Beattie.


6:23 PM Until One Day Presents: A Scene-Painted Story

We see the beginning of a story. Over here is the meat of the story. It is a fun shape and it is juicy. Next to it is the ending.

Cast: Caroline Chen, Ceci De Robertis, Richie Nguyen, John Roller, and Greer Smith.


6:38 PM Gay Porn-Prov

No way, bro, I’d neeever go see THAT show. I mean, like, I guess I’ve been curious about it once or twice…

Cast: Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Dan Miller, and Dan Milliken.


6:49 PM Slam-prov

Slam poetry like you’ve never seen it before.

Cast: Harry Kacak, David Brescia-Weiler, Jesse Chimes, Kristen O’Neill, Emily Crovella, Jeff Bollen, and Elaine Colwell.


6:56 PM Coachabilities Presents: “I am Your Guru”

Surf on the empowerment/energizing tidal wave of three life coaches.

Cast: Mark Chalfant, Lisa Kays, and David Steib.



As nine neighborhood kids play a game of whiffle ball on the ol’ YeSANDLOT and talk about their dreams of being professional baseball players, we get glimpses of their wildly different future lives.

Cast: Blind Casting.


7:18 PM Fisticuffs Presents: Fisti-Handcuffs

You only handcuff yourself to those you love. Well, we’re in love!

Cast: John Heiser, J.J. Jackson, Jordana Mishory, Katie Ozog, and Richie Pepio.


7:33 PM Trump’s Wall

Find out what happens when Trump’s Wall divides the stage into two sides. If you are on one side you can only speak English, and if you are on the other side Spanish. This is going to get muy divertido!

Cast: Erick Acuña and Ceci de Robertis.


7:44 PM Quitters Reunion: We Thought We Quit You

It’s reunion time, bitches! Sharpen your claws and dig up all the festering injustices. This time the Quitters are gonna quit you for good!

Cast: Sanaa Abrar, Paula Atkinson, Melanie Boyer, Sarah Bucher, Molly Graham, Tonya Jordan, and Kristin O’Brien.


7:55 PM Body by Madeline

Fact: a mere 20 minutes of object work can burn up to 55 calories! Watch as Madeline and a bunch of other gym rats sculpt perfect bods using only the magic of improv.

Cast: John Carroll, Isabel Galbraith, Jonathan Murphy, Dan O’ Neil, Liz Sanders, and Macey Schiff.