8:00 PM Now Announcing: The Greatest Improviser of All Time!

This is an improvised award show where each improviser introduces The Greatest Improviser of All Time award to whoever the improviser after them is!

Cast: Abe Woycke, Alan McCombs, Audrey Mattaino, Carlic Huynh, Caroline Chen, Ceci De Robertis, Christina Floriza, Christopher Ulrich, Coonoor Behal, David Richman, Davine Ker, Ellen Reiterman, Emily Fiske, Erick Acuna, Jamie Lantinen, Jeff Hughes, Jigesh Baxi, JJ Jackson, Joanna Tiger, Joe Randazzo, Jordana Mishory, Kate Symes, Katie Ozog, Laura Labedz, Lura Barber, Macey Schiff, Marc Reber, Mark Chalfant, Natasha Darnwell-Havis, Reshma Memon Yaqub, Rhonda Mendoza, Rich Casey, Richie Khanh, Rob Miller, Robert Lovejoy, Ryan Alloway, Shravan Amin, Stephanie Anderson, Steve Marcellino, Sue Schaffel, Susie Gutierrez, Taunya Ferguson


8:16 PM The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life finds our three players connecting the mundane with the mystical, ultimately answering life’s questions with the wisdom of the sages, the insight of the clairvoyant, and the raspy voice of your Jewish grandmother.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Dennis Johnson, Katie Rush


8:27 PM  People Like Us Presents: Group Games Like Us

It sure gets lonely watching the fun from the sidelines – so people like us are going to play every game together as a group!

Cast: Sophia Cai, Caroline Chen, Yuliya Malamud, Reaves McElveen, Jordana Mishory, Richie Pepio, Abe Woycke




Cast: Tom Achilles, Matt Berman, Michael Bird, Caroline Blair Pettit, Sam Bonar


8:53 PM The Haddington Club

The Haddington Club is the name of our team. We named ourselves that without ever thinking what kind of club we are. Can you help us figure it out? We’re hoping it’s the kind of club where you wear plaid jackets and drink scotch. But maybe not. It’s up to you.

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Pete Bergen, Catherine Deadman, Cara Hayes, Dave Johnson, Nick Murawski, Rich Nyman, Kate Symes, Joe Uchno


9:08 PM Cake Bagel Presents: Out of Earshot

In this monoscene, offstage players will wear earmuffs and blindfolds so they have no idea what’s happening onstage. Realism will ensue!

Cast: Sophia Cai, Isabel Galbraith, Tim Hunt, Jordana Mishory, Richie Pepio, Julia Rocchi


9:23 PM Qui Gon Ginn-Laws

We will all be make-believe Jedi in a bar discussing Jedi temple matters.

Cast: Jamal Newman, John Heiser, Yuliya Malamud, Bryan Jackson, Dennis Johnson


9:38 PM onesixtyone [to the 161]

The most meta troupe in WIT’s history takes meta as far as it can go before reality folds in on itself and we are all unborn as time and space reverse themselves. Who truly controls the narrative of our scenes, and thus our existence? Is that a scene or a scene paint? These are the questions this undertaking explores. By show’s end, we will either know the answers or forget we ever asked.

Cast: Mark Chalfant, Catherine Deadman, Colin Murchie, Greer Smith & Dave Johnson or Mike Bass


9:58 PM Mr Meaner

Mr Meaner raps and does improv.

Cast: Tom Achilles, Jon Chesebro, Stacy Hayashi, Ami Krasner, Jeff Okun-Kozlowicki, Xavier Padin, Jaci Pulice, Satish Pillalamarri


10:13 PM Couch Money Presents: Couch Money’s Day Off

Couch Money is taking the day off a la Ferris Bueller to live out our fantasies. How can we possibly be expected to handle school (or work) on a day like this? As we break from the daily grind and break the fourth wall, we’ll be galavanting through a day of no work, just play — oh yeah!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ryan Alloway, Derek Hayes, Chris Orvin, Rebecca Schmidt, Martin Steger, Katie Watkins, Lauren Woody


10:28 PM You Remind Me of a Young Me

Six long-time improvisers and six up-and-comers who play like them!

Cast: Stacy Hayashi, Emi Ruff, Pete Bergen, Henry Ring, Kate Symes, Ginnie Seger, Abe Woycke, Jonathan Porat, Dan Milliken, David Lapkoff, Jordana Mishory, Scott Long


10:39 PM CSI Miami-Prov Season 2: Crime & PUNishment

In CSI Miami-Prov, a team of improvisers creates as many opening scenes as possible from the TV show CSI Miami.  Players take turns playing the role of David Caruso, complete with hilarious murder puns and dramatic sunglasses pulls.

Cast: Tom Achilles, Mary Lauran Hall, Tim Hunt, Dan Milliken, Jordana Mishory, Richie Pepio, Satish Pillalamarri


10:50 PM The Four Heads

The Foreheads are brothers on a road trip home. We take the stage with a fearless yet cautious gate. Beautiful in our own way, we represent the bold, bald and bad-tempered brothers of improv.

Cast: Matt Berman, John Heiser, Richie Pepio, Joe Randazzo, Chris Ulrich


11:01 PM Cramps

It is Friday night and the girls are STAYING IN. Join Elaine and Juliann for a classic girls’ night full of wine, snacks, and talking about your issues.

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Juliann Gorse


11:08 PM The Secret Admirer Show

Everyone in this show has a secret improv crush on someone in the cast! Come see that improv crush action in scenes and the big reveal of who has a secret improv crush on who!

Cast: It’s a mystery!


11:23 PM In Bed

Players in sleepwear, undies, Snuggies, etc., promiscuously perform intimate acts of improv with wild abandon, inspired thematically by fortune cookie proverbs read aloud.

Cast: blind casting tbd


11:38 PM Quit Clowning Around 3: Pie Hard With a Vengeance

Think fast. Don’t laugh. Pie hard. And this time, it’s personal.

Cast: Tom Achilles, Jamie Bingner, Mike Coe, Tim Hunt, Reaves McElveen, Jordana Mishory, Katie Ozog, Xavier Padin, Richie Pepio, John Roller, Macey Schiff, Abe Woycke


11:55 PM Batfam!

What if Batman was a dad? And Batman was his wife? And Batman and Batman were their children? It’s not the family you need, but it’s the family you deserve.

Cast: Christine Burgess, John Carroll, Adam Fishbein, Thomas Harris, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, James MacIndoe, Ross Townsend
And the show keeps going! Deep into the night.