12:00 PM The Maureen and Karen Morning Show

Maureen and Karen are two happy, caffeinated ladies with a local access morning talk show.

Cast: Ceci DeRobertis and Deanna Price


12:12 PM Big in Certain Countries: The Typewriter

Big in Certain Countries dusts off the old typewriter, telling a story one typebar jam at a time.

Cast: Elijah Sloan, Erik Beringer, Alex Galloway, Chris Lancashire, Eric Schlein


12:23 PM Hellbender Presents: That’s a Clown Montage, Bro

You know all the annoying things your coworkers do? This is so much worse.

Cast: Dan Brown, Patrick Derocher, Adam Levine, Amy Rankin, Kyle Wedmark, Eric Wild


12:34 PM Musical Chairsprov

The most intense game of musical chairs you’ve ever seen!! Who will remain standing, and what will they do next!?

Cast: Anika Davis, Brent Huggins, Jordana Mishory, Macey Schiff, Kaelan Sullivan, Kaitlyn Hemmingway, Trish Harvey


12:45 PM WITtle Ones

The WITtle Ones steal the show again.

Cast: Some Uchnos, some Murchies, some Randazzos, some Johnsons, some Carpenters, some additional adorable people


12:52 PM Peas

Twinsies! Jonathan Murphy and Dan Miller perform a show where the characters are the ultimate peas in a pod.

Cast: Dan Miller, Jonathan Murphy


12:59 PM The Sweat Lodge

Desperate to discover how their secret society came to be, The Lodge convenes in a sweat lodge to connect to their past.

Cast: Mark Carroll, Luke Hennig, Steven Karig, Omar Parbhoo, John Robitaille, Jared Smith, Jesse Young


1:14 PM Like Talking to a Wall


Cast: Blind casting


1:25 PM Federal Relations

How DOES the federal government operate?!  A cast of all *real* federal employees, each portraying a different federal agency, demonstrate how the cogs turn inside the belly of the beast.

Cast: Ceci De Robertis, Goli Samimi, Marianne Lalonde, Richie Khanh, Carl Isee, Gina Cordero, Jeff Hughes


1:36 PM Cereal Podcast

Cereal is a live, untaped podcast where we follow the story of your favorite cereal mascot from scene to scene. Through interviews and hard-hitting reporting, we will get to the bottom of breakfast’s biggest mysteries. Could rehab really prevent Tony the Tiger from getting frosted? Did chasing a pot of gold keep Lucky from the hearts he truly yearned for? Turn out the lights, turn on your ears, and find out.

Cast: Lauren Cross, Jay Dev, Madeline Smith Dunsmore, Erica Johnson, Joshua Korr


1:47 PM Staff Meeting

WIT’s staff members take the stage to reenact an actual WIT staff meeting.

Cast: Amanda Anzalone, Mark Chalfant, Derek Hayes, Tyler Laminack, Dan Miller, Dan Milliken, Jonathan Murphy, John Windmueller


1:58 PM 1950’s Housewives Try to Figure Out Modern Times

What’s this newfangled dating Tinder? How do you ride an Uber? What is an Uber? Join the Housewives as they try to figure out all the technology, jargon, and lifestyles of the 21st century!

Cast: Nicolette Argyros, Kristin Brown, JJ Jackson, Macey Schiff


2:05 PM Wanderlust

A strong desire to travel through improv.

Cast: Jordana Mishory, Catherine Grothus, Jim Mitre, Stacy Hayashi, Joseph Randazzo, Yuliya Malamud, Elisa Webb


2:16 PM Howler Bees

Punch! Run! Hug! Equivocate! Shimmy! Grumble! Lunge! Sup! And more! Destabilize your environmental equilibrium with devastating consequences as the Howler Bees collapse your colony with laughter!

Cast: Patrick Murray, Meg O’Halloran, Mike Perz, Bryce Slinger, Janet Ford, Dave Hicks, Amy Rauch, Katie Neal


2:27 PM The Carmichaels Presents: The Untitled Lifetime Original Project

Love, lust, scandal, babies, murder, intrigue, deceit, unicorns….The Carmichaels present the greatest Lifetime movie you’ve never seen.

Cast: Ashley Barry, Paul Eiting, Jarad Schofer, Julia Vans, Sarah Winston


2:42 PM Thank You For Cher-ing

Thank You For Sharing presents Thank You For Cher-ing, your favorite WIT Harold team performing in the guise of the world’s greatest pop icon, the one and only, Cher.

Cast: Kristin Brown, Dina Finkel, Adam Fishbein, Matt Grossman, Matt Guttentag, Derek Hayes, J.J. Jackson, Steve Major, Jordana Mishory


2:57 PM After School Special

It’s an after school special from the late 80s, early 90s.

Cast: Jessica Huls


3:08 PM Panda Cam

“Smile…you’re on Panda-Camera!” is what you’ll be shouting as this trio brings you up, close and personal to a day in the life of Bao Bao and friends.

Cast: Arianna Koudounas, Catherine Grothus, Jim Mitre


3:13 PM I’ll Be There For You

This show will be there for you – if you’re there for it too! You see a group of people and wonder how they all got to be that tight-knit group. But was it always this way? Come discover what brought them all together!

Cast: Anika Davis, Ben Frazell, Michael Griffin, Rob Miller, Adriana Usero


3:24 PM Improv to the Rescue: The Superheroes vs Moving Day

Holy Guacamole Batman! We present to you the Superhero’s Guide for setting up the ultimate super lair. Our favorite childhood comic book stars look to gather up all the necessary resources to have one pimped out tower of power all the while evading the super villains evil plots to discover their hideaway. An act full of suspense and the dire consequences of decorating.

Cast: Joy Butler, Terrell Fuller, Diane Killion, Magellan J. Pfluke, Emily Price, Kacy Redd, Jaison Renkenberger, Geena Vontress, Eric Wild


3:35 PM You’re Listening To!

Groups of 4 rotate into seats on the stage, and one by one they will tell you all about the radio station you are listening to.

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Pete Bergen, Matt Berman, Megan Burt, Rachel Garmon, Amanda Hirsch, Jordan Hirsch, Bryan Jackson, Mikael Johnson, Eva Lewis, Jordana Mishory, Jaci Pulice, Kate Symes, Greg Tindale


3:46 PM Improvised Thesis Defense

There is no event more emotionally scarring than defending a Ph.D.  When years of suffering are finally over, you can look forward to your mother-in-law reminding you that you’re not a “real” doctor!

Cast: Marianne Lalonde, Yael Granader, John Windmueller, Robert Lovejoy, David Barth, Goli Samimi, Nina Hsu, Michelle Carnes, Sarah Winston, Anna Marie Trester

3:57 PM Faculty Lounge

An endless tag out improv set with some of WIT’s faculty. No wipe edits allowed! Jordana Mishory, Kate Symes, Pete Bergen, Stewart Walsh, Dave Johnson, Lisa Kays, Matt Mansfield, Mark Chalfant, Macey Schiff, Jonathan Murphy, Dan Miller, John Windmueller


4:12 PM Get an Audience Member More Twitter Followers

We will use the power of improv to help one lucky audience member increase their number of Twitter followers.

Cast: Lauren Cross, Jay Dev, Madeline Dunsmore, Joella Fink, Erica Geiser, Paul Hitlin, Erica Johnson, Josh Korr, Jamie Lantinen, Caroline Pettit, Joe Randazzo, Kathy Baird Westfall


4:27 PM Madeline Presents: Harold (and the Purple Crayon)

WIT Harold Team Madeline brings your favorite childhood characters to life in this Harold set modified by the rules of a child.

Cast: John Carroll, Isabel Galbraith, Ryan Krull, Marianne Lalonde, Joe Randazzo, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Patrick Slevin


4:42 PM These Are My Confessions-prov

Just when we thought we said all we could say, these are our confessions.

Cast: Leigh Franke, Natasha Harnwell-Davis, Trish Harvey, Kaitlyn Hemingway, Jose Lopez-Sanchez, Rhonda Mendoza, Theresa Meyers, Rob Miller, Jordana Mishory, Shealy Molpus, Lizzie Nolan, Jess Norman, Katie Ozog, Macey Schiff


4:53 PM Jackson, Millissippi: But Seriously, Though

Bryan Jackson and Dan Milliken bring their big-hearted bromantic comedy to a new setting—the monoscene—and dig deep.

Cast: Bryan Jackson, Dan Milliken


5:04 PM The Bannermen Go to CAMP!

Is Gloria pregnant with the pool boy’s baby? Did Gary just steal a million dollars to run away with his wife’s twin sister? Watch these answers unfold as The Bannermen take us in front of the camera and behind the scenes of a soap opera!

Cast: David Barth, Sabahat Chaudhary, Chad Giron, Charles Lipper, Katie Ozog, Justin Purvis, Macey Schiff, Justin Schram


5:19 PM the Quitters!

The Quitters!  Quitting shit is an emotional and often satisfying rite of passage. Your tales of quitting will take us on a journey from ghosting to mic drops. This group of ladies has perfected the art of quitting like a champ!

Cast: Sanaa Abrar, Paula Atkinson, Melanie Boyer, Molly Graham,  Tonya Jordan, Kristin O’Brien, Andrea Simons


5:30 PM The Halftime Show

Join our panel of experts as we break down today’s action at halftime. It may get ugly out there, but our gurus can provide the analysis and stats you need to win your improv fantasy match-up this weekend!

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Ari Koudounas, Christine Driscoll, Tim Harkin, Macey Schiff, Eva Lewis, Ceci DeRobertis


6:00 PM Wacky Waiters

Excuse me, is there another waiter that can help us?  Maybe one that isn’t wacky?  Nope that’s all we got here, hope you wanted a side of crazy with your order.

Cast: Coonoor Behal,  Matt Berman, Pete Bergen, Matt Guttentag, Cara Hayes, John Heiser, Tim Hunt, Dennis Johnson, Mikael Johnson, Yulia Malamud, Reaves McElveen, Dan Milliken, Jordana Mishory, Jamal Newman, Xavier Padin, Richie Pepio, Joe Randazzo, Macey Schiff, Greer Smith, Kate Symes, Greg Tindale, Abe Woycke


6:20 PM Hot & Sweaty: Blonde Ambition

Truth or Dare.  Express Yourself.  Justify My Love.  Material Girl.  Hot & Sweaty celebrates the hottest, sweatiest music icon of our time:  Madonna.  No Lady Gagas allowed.  

Cast: TBA


6:35 PM Local Spot Presents: Radio

In Radio, the Baltimore Improv Group’s Local Spot slow down and turn back the dial on history. That’s right, LS will be doing an improvised radio drama of days gone by.

Cast: Frankie Daniels, David Lustig, Matt Manning, Alan McCombs, Andy McIntyre, John Windmueller


6:50 PM Ken Burns Presents

Ken Burns Presents is an improvised Ken Burns documentary on a uniquely, distinctly American subject of the audience’s choosing.

Cast: Matt Berman, Curtis Raye, Joe Uchno, Cara Hayes, Tara Maher, Murphy McHugh


7:05 PM The Biggest Loser

In life, there are winners and there are losers. But what if everyone’s a loser? Then is there glory in being the greatest loser there ever was? We think so. Watch losers try their little loser-hearts out to out-loser other losers. Because right here and right now, the biggest loser is the biggest winner.

Cast: Jason Walther, Stacy Hayashi, Paul Hitlin, Dave Johnson, Caroline Chen, J.J. Jackson, Jordana Mishory, Sophia Cai


7:16 PM Don’t Look At Me

How will they do improv…if they can’t even look at each other?!

Cast: Nicholas Aakre, Michael Alvino, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Jonathan Manning, Theresa Meyers, Dan Milliken, Samantha Schifrin


7:27 PM Melisse On Life

Melisse is living her best life everyday. Are you? If you answered yes, you’re lying to yourself. Watch as Melisse solves the issues and dramas of everyday people, just like you. “Be the hug you need from someone else.” — Justin R. Bieber

Cast: Kate Symes


7:32 PM Washington Championship Improv Wrestling

The biggest and brightest stars in professional wrestling hit the stage to compete for the Washington Championship Improv Wrestling title belt.

Cast: Pete Bergen, Xavier Padin, Greg Tindale


7:47 PM Richie Presents: Southern Beauty Lounge

Frankly, Richie doesn’t give a damn. The members of Richie visit the antebellum beauty lounge they occupy weekly in their rehearsals and their dreams. Who is that mustachioed confederate soldier? That stunning biracial Persian in Scarlet O’Hara drag? Those misplaced asians? WHO KNOWS? Come to the Richie Southern Beauty Lounge and witness the drama!

Cast: Tracey Ross, Sara Rouhi, Jim Mitre, Cassie Barnum, Adam Koussari-Amin, Katie Ozog, Taylor Edwards, Erica Geiser, Richie Pepio


8:02 PM British Wedding: How Fascinatoring

Pip pip cheerio! Move over, Wills and Kate. There’s a new British wedding happening, there is, there is, and it is bound to be knees up. Everyone looks smashing at the reception!

Cast: Jeff Hughes, John Heiser, Isabel Galbraith, Jordana Mishory, Lizzie Nolan, Ceci De Robertis


8:13 PM Game of Thrones-prov

Valar Improvis: All men must improv! George RR Martin takes a breather as we create an entire Game of Thrones episode.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Mike Colucciello, Darnell Eaton, Harry Kacak, Dan Koffman, Matt Mansfield


8:24 PM Keaton Kilmer Clooney Bale

Batman has been taking improv classes and joined a troupe.  He’s pretty good, but sometimes he breaks character.

Cast: Greer Smith, Joe Uchno


8:31 PM Improv Bootcamp with Dr. Girlfriend

Dr. Girlfriend helps you sculpt those sexy improv muscles with deep squats, crazy cardio, and TONS. OF. CORE. But mostly we do improv and we’re weak people so don’t hurt us.

Cast: Tom Achilles, Caroline Pettit, Laura Spadanuta, Kate Symes


8:46 PM Until One Day Presents: Let Us Paint You a Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Until One Day is here to tell you a story entirely through pictures painted on stage.

Cast: Andrew Rademaker, Sophia Cai, Caroline Chen, Ceci DeRobertis, Deanna Price, Richie Khanh Nguyen


9:01 PM All My Middle Children

Middle Children duke it out improv style in hopes to win their father’s affection and more so his fortune…

Cast: Catherine Grothus, Jim Mitre, Ari Koudounas, Jose Lopez-Sanchez, Matt Guttentag, Leigh Franke, Scott Long


9:16 PM Improvised Stand Up and Storytelling

A smattering of improvisers and stand ups share a single mic and take turns telling jokes and stories based off a single audience suggestion.

Cast: Pete Bergen, John Heiser, Bryan Jackson, Jamal Newman, Kate Symes


9:23 PM Starlight Sh*Boom

In the future, humankind has scattered across galaxies, but remains united…by DANCE. Join hosts Axel Spreadsheet and Jillette Razor for Starlight Sh*Boom, the multiverse’s HOTTEST dance TV show, where all the *gleep-glorpiest* new moves are generated through the magic of “virtual improvisational reality.”

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Dan Milliken


9:34 PM Solo Prov Connections

Can one person create a whole world?  Why not!  Watch us enter a world alone and make it less lonely.

Cast: J.J. Jackson, Davine Ker, Robert Lovejoy, Melissa Penrose, Ellen Reiterman, David Richman, Reshma Yaqub


9:45 PM Mason/Dixon

Mason/Dixon brings together three improvisors from the Baltimore area with three performers from the DC area for a one time only shot. Come see what happens when Charm City collides with the Capital City.

Cast: Alan McCombs, Jeff Hughes


9:56 PM Parking Lot Pioneers

“All truly great events must first begin with frosty beverages and grilled meats.” -The Dalai Lama

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Katie Dunn, John Heiser, Michael Hendrix, Luke Hennig, Dave Johnson, Jared Smith


10:07 PM Sweater Kittens Presents: Too Beautiful

Beautiful people can’t be funny. So don’t laugh. We mean it.

Cast: Sophia Cai, Sabahat Chaudhary, Caroline Chen, Ceci De Robertis, Abby Fu, Yael Granader, JJ Jackson, Ami Krasner, Katie Honerkamp Lazo, Eva Lewis, Yuliya Malamud, Dana Malone, Jordana Mishory, Lizzie Nolan, Katie Ozog, Katie Rush, Macey Schiff, Joanna Tiger


10:22 PM The Washington Redskins Should Change Their Name Presents: The Hiking Trip

3 friends go on a hiking trip having packed another friends backpack without that person knowing its contents.

Cast: Abe Woycke, Stephen Carter, & Reaves McElveen


10:33 PM Mediterraneo

Como sa va? Sa va bien? We want to know!

Cast: Topher Bellavia, Xavier Padin


10:44 PM Alternate Endings

Remember those books where you got to choose your own adventure? This show is just like that, only improvised and you get to help us!

Cast: Pete Bergen, Kate Bresnahan, Brent Huggins, Kimberley Jutze, Eva Lewis,  Ellen Reiterman, Kim Righter, Macey Schiff, Jason Walther


10:55 PM Lawyer v. Lawyer

We litigate your complaint.

Cast: Eva Lewis, Sabahat Chaudhary, David Gavin Steib, Matt Winterhalter, Nick Bourke, Nancy Safavi


11:06 PM High Crhymes: White Collar Rhymes

High Crhymes is back and ready to class the night up while throwin’ down rhymes.

Cast: Jon Chesebro, Katie Dunn, Stacy Hayashi, Bryan Jackson, Dan Milliken, Jordana Mishory, Liz Sanders, Jared Smith


11:17 PM Rich Spain Presents: The Next Phase

Rich Spain is a master at lifestyle design.  In this seminar he will teach you how to find success in the Next Phase of your life.

Cast: Greg Tindale


11:22 PM [Blank]spotting

The Scotsmen of 1996’s Trainspotting return for an improvised look at what happens next in their darkly funny lives of addiction, depravity, and simply passing time in Trainspotting 2: [Blank]spotting.

Cast: Matt Berman, Luke Hennig, Bryan Jackson, Seth Alcorn, Taunya Ferguson, Mikael Johnson, Tara Maher, Patrick Murray, Marc Reber, Catherine Deadman, Andy McIntyre, Chantal Martineau


11:33 PM The Chevy Chase Gold and Country Club Ladies Activities and Charities Committee Presents: The Armandi

It’s too hot for tennis and the Hamptons vacations are wrapping up. Come cool off with the ladies of Chevy Chase who are back and ready to showcase their most fabulous format yet – the Armandi! Part Armando, part fashion show, destined to be featured in the next issue of GOOP.

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Sara Rouhi, Laura Spadanuta, and Kate Symes