7:30 PM Missing Women

What does a world without women look like?

Cast: Annie Barry, Cassie Barnum, Sabahat Chaudhary, Christina Floriza, Molly Graham, Rosie Grant, Yaelle Grant, Jenna Hall, Nina Hsu, Erica Johnson, Ellie Klein, Jess Lee, Sarah Leibach, Eva Lewis, Olivia Martinez, Jessica Norman, Katie Ozog, Kelsey Peters, Jaci Pulice, Emily Ralph, Macey Schiff, Ginnie Seger, Kaelan Sullivan, Kate Symes, Christina Witwer


7:50 PM The WIT Museum of Improvised Art

As the patrons of this museum talk nostalgia, the art they came to see is made before their very eyes!

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Geoff Blizard, Alex Kazanas, Tony Lazzeroni, Nick Martinez, Dan Miller, Jordana Mishory, Patrick Murray, Marc Reber, David Richman, Macey Schiff, Samantha Schifrin, John Schmitz, Kaelan Sullivan, Heather Marie Vitale



17 beats for the price of 1 Harold.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Rosie Grant, Tim Montgomery, Kelsey Peters, Chelie Setzer, Chris Sloan, Martin Steger, Pat Wheeler


8:20 PM Beverly Crusher Does Childish Things

FIST X champions Beverly Crusher do the format of FIST XI champions Childish Things. Draw your own conclusions.

Cast: Lura Barber, Dan Miller, Jonathan Murphy


8:31 PM Bombay Vindaloo Presents: Make India Great Again!

Bombay Vindaloo performs an improvised Bollywood movie, complete with love stories, super villains, fake mustaches, and random song and dance numbers.

Cast: Sabahat Chaudhary, Pia Nargundkar, Satish Pillalamarri, Rashee Raj, Marc Reber, Tim Trueheart


8:42 PM Who’s in Charge?

Find out who is in charge of the relationship when off-stage improvisers provide voices to their on-stage non-improvising significant others.

Cast: Geoff Corey (& Corey Barton), Zach D’Amico (& Sara Murphy), Sean Paul Ellis (& Melanie Harker), Justine Hipsky (& Kevin Feagins), Scott Holden (& Liz Westbrook), Jess Lee (& Chewie Pasque), Brianna Lux (& Neil Stutts), Matt Winterhalter (& Ashley Thompson), Christina Witwer (& Ashley Contino)


8:57 PM The Last Woman On Earth

This is the last woman on earth

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Katie Ozog


9:02 PM Muppets Take DC

Remember your favorite puppet variety show, the Muppets? Now they’re taking over the DC improv stage!

Cast: Felicia Barnes, Ted Blanton, Bizzy Fain, Erika Flora, Tracee Jordan, Ryan McClure, Cara Popecki, Sarah Spell


9:13 PM Têde-à-Têde

Têde-à-Têde is THE game show for, but not limited to, competitive TED talkers.

Cast: John Heiser, Joe Randazzo, Greg Tindale, Chris Ulrich


9:24 PM Desperate Measures

These are desperate times, and these are the desperate people they have created.

Cast: Catherine Deadman, Mark Chalfant


9:35 PM Press Play Presents: The Pretty Field

Press Play does a comedy show where every performer remains on stage at all times. No backline to escape to!!!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Sabahat Chaudhary, Jon Chesebro, J.J. Jackson, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Matt Mansfield, Jason Walther


9:50 PM Wet Hot American Improv

It’s the last day of summer camp for these rowdy teen camp counselors … anything could happen! But it’ll probably involve making out.

Cast: Kelsie Anderson, Robin Doody, Torey Doverspike, Elizabeth Fulton, Rosie Grant, Diego Hernandez, Sarah Houghton, Ari Kaiser, Tyler Laminack, Erin Murray, Seth Payne, Sarah Schifrin, Kaelan Sullivan 


10:01 PM The Von Trapp Children Say Good Night

So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Yes and!

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Geoff Corey, Joe Dawson, Isabel Galbraith, Marissa Goodstone, Jess Lee, Brianna Lux, Jordana Mishory


10:12 PM The October Issue Presents: Beauty Shop

The October Issue puts their beauty skills to the test with blindfolded makeovers.

Cast: Jenna Hall, Justine Hipsky, Kaitlin Kemp, Dana Malone, Clare Mulligan, Molly Murchie, Krystal Ramseur, Donna Steele, Kaelan Sullivan, Caroline Yates


10:23 PM DRM

What if our dreams all intersected, with a drum beat?

Cast: Blind casting


10:38 PM Smorboll Presents: The Holidays 

A couple find themselves assembling another thing for their home while they systematically dismantle each other. This time it’s something for the holidays.

Cast: Ryan Krull, Katie Ozog 


10:45 PM I Wanna Cut to the Feeling-prov

Surrender to the song of the summer!

Cast: Bizzy Fain, Amber Garlock, Analía Gómez Vidal, David Lapkoff, Sarah Leibach, Dan Miller, Jordana Mishory, Nic Small, Liz Sanders, Kavita Solanki 


10:56 PM The Miserable Mates Have a Problem

Come witness The Miserable Mates perform acts that will amaze and astound you!

Cast: Alex Beard, Mark Chalfant, Chris Ulrich


11:07 PM Adult Things

The cast of Childish Things gets, well, adult in this show inspired by someone’s first sex toy.

Cast: Joe Dawson, Jenna Hall, Henry Ring


11:18 PM The Last Woman and Man on Earth

It’s been a year since we saw the last man on earth. Turns out, he’s not alone.

Cast: Zach Beattie, Isabel Galbraith, Jonathan Murphy, Katie Ozog


11:23 PM Improvised Campfire Story

Gather round the campfire … we have a story to tell!

Cast: Ceci De Robertis, Marc Reber, blind casting


11:34 PM WhisperProv

Adapted from the Jimmy Fallon-style “Whisper Challenge,” we will attempt to communicate in a scene without the ability to hear our scene partner; relying on reading our scene partner’s lips and non-verbal communication.

Cast: Elizabeth Fulton, Tim Harkin, Kaitlin Kemp, Seth Payne, Liz Sanders, Ginnie Seger, Nic Small, Aaron Wise


11:45 PM Kanye’s Sistas

What if Kanye made an improv show about Kanye? Man, that’d be so Kanye. See what happens when we take real Kanye tweets and bring them to life on the improv stage.

Cast: Kalynn Chambers, Nicole Mccauley, Krystal Ramseur, Tandra Turner, Sade Young


11:52 PM God Yelp Us


Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Rob Miller


11:57 PM Inside the Actor’s Studio: w/ Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington gives you advanced access to his master class for aspiring actors.

Cast: Jamal Newman


12:04 AM The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right is coming to Palooza – here is your chance to be a part of the show!

Cast: Elizabeth Fulton, Jonathan Murphy, Donna Steele


12:17 AM Wet Dead Girl Monoscene

You see The Ring and then you improvise! The wet dead girl haunts a monoscene.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Jenna Hall, Derek Hayes, Nina Hsu, Tyler Laminack, Dan Miller, Jessica Norman, Veronica Norman


12:24 AM In the Air Tonight

Phil Collins would stop anyone in their tracks.

Cast: Katie Ozog, Patrick Slevin


12:29 AM Fishtail or French?

Who doesn’t love a good French, Dutch or Fishtail braid? Come get your hair braided by some experts!

Cast: Ari Kaiser, Sarah Leibach, Shealy Molpus, Erin Murray, Jessica Norman


12:34 AM Cinema-shory

Like rewatching your favorite movie? You’ll love seeing it interpreted live.

Cast: Jordana Mishory


12:41 AM Vivian Goes Back to the Movies

In, 2016 Vivian went to the movies for the first time in 60 years. This time she’s brought a date.

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Joe Dawson, Dan Miller


12:46 AM ASMR x 3

YouTube “ASMR” videos lull listeners to sleep with strangely soothing sounds and can even trigger euphoria. It’s a special kind of weird.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Mark Chalfant, Justine Hipsky


12:51 AM Bob Squats

What’s sexier than burlesque? NOSTALGIC burlesque.

Cast: Rob DePaulo, Bex Ehrmann, Eliana Reyes, Sarah Spell


12:56 AM Physi-swap

One minute you’re happy, and with a buzzer you could be sad. Standing to sitting. Crying to cleaning up spilled milk.

Cast: Elizabeth Fulton, Kaitlin Kemp




Cast: Erik Beringer, Alex Galloway, Eric Schlein, Elijah Sloan


1:06 AM I Need a Trim-prov

“I’m looking for a longish bob … and, um, do you have any fun weekend plans?”

Cast: Jenna Hall, Jordana Mishory 



Just a quick weather update from your friendly Harold meteorologist.

Cast: Tom Di Liberto, Jared Smith


1:16 AM Staring Contest

Eye contact is essential in improv. Watch a group of improvisers who take this to heart.

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Geoff Blizzard, Joe Randazzo, David Richman, Jason Walther


1:21 AM Isn’t It Ironic, Alanis Morissette? 

Alanis Morisette thought a lot of things were ironic. So do we.

Cast: Erin Murray, Caroline Yates


1:26 AM Welcome to Scoville!

Alex and Lauren are UP ALL NIGHT TO EAT PEPPERS! #DaftPunk

Cast: Alex Kazanas, Lauren Woody


1:31 AM Bachelor(ette) Limo Arrivals

Get your roses ready because you’re about to meet some of DC’s most eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes. The limo is rolling up to the mansion, and this cast of characters is hotter than a former semi-pro athlete from the Midwest named Kent. They only have one chance to make a first impression, and they’re ready to make you believe in love at first bit. We’ll even have sexy job titles like Tickle Monster, CEO of Life, and Former Child.

Cast: Peter Bergen, Lauren Boston, Rich Casey, Tawny Clark, Elaine Colwell, Elizabeth Fulton, Analía Gómez Vidal, Jenna Hall, Hannah Johnson, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Ellie Klein, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Tony Lazzeroni, Nick Martinez, Erin Brianna Murray, Jessica Norman, Katie Ozog, Lauren Pagni, Seth Payne, Jaci Pulice, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Samantha Schifrin, Kaelan Sullivan, Kate Symes, Heather Marie Vitale


1:41 AM Burnout Round

What happens when you do the workout of your life and head to the stage for your final burnout round … while doing a solo show?

Cast: Jess Lee


1:46 AM Improvised TV Pitch

See the next smash hit on the Fall TV lineup created right before your eyes.

Cast: Jordana Mishory, Spencer Orenstein, Nic Small, Heather Marie Vitale


1:51 AM Stand Up for Whaaa?

We’re here to stand up for what you love and protest what’s bothering you. NO MATTER WHAT.

Cast: Robin Doody, Elizabeth Fulton, Ren John, Saleh Karaman, Ray Simeon



Comedy is tragedy plus time. This show is comedy minus time.

Cast: Stephanie Kozikowski, Kelsey Peters, Martin Steger


X2:04 AM Two Many Cooks: CROSSFIRE

The MESSIEST cooking competition you’ve ever seen.

Cast: Lura Barber, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Katie Ozog 


2:14 AM Are You Afraid of Awkward Sex in the Dark

Sex is rarely a beautiful, perfect act of love. It’s like, awkward as hell.

Cast: Geoff Corey, Samantha Schifrin


2:19 AM Manifest Bestiny

A quick, three-part piece with a Western style narrator and many characters, played by one man.

Cast: Robin Doody


2:24 AM GorePornProv

Just when you think you get it – you don’t. This show will haunt your dreams for many months to come.

Cast: Lura Barber, Alex Beard, Ryan Krull, Rob Miller, Jonathan Murphy, Macey Schiff, Kate Symes


2:29 AM Fancy Carolina Boyz

Three Fancy Carolina Boyz explore the human condition, again.

Cast: Tyler Laminack, Kelsey Peters, Pat Wheeler


2:34 AM The End

See what the last few minutes of life on Earth looked like for dinosaurs.

Cast: Rich Casey, Ray Simeon


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