Every performer’s worst fear will come to pass: dying on stage. Watch and enjoy

Cast: Alex Abbott, Brandon Alston, Sarah Arkin, Nicole Barrett, Geoff Blizard, Eileen Breslin, Dave Byrd, Elaine Colwell, Olivia D’Aoust, Lauren Gabel, Conor Halloran, Caroline Howe, J.J. Jackson, Jasmine Jiang, Alex Kazanas, Béatrice Leydier, Heather Marie Vitale, Phil Morton, Patrick Murray, Paul Pearlman, Krystal Ramseur, Kris Schenenberger, Sam Schifrin, Sabrina Shahmir, Jared Smith, Matt Strote, Kristen Timko, Analía Gómez Vidal, Jason Walther


7:46 PM: TFA Presents: Tags for Ages

Indie darlings TFA attempt to pull off the superhuman feat of 100 scenes in 11 minutes! Count to 100 with them!

Cast: Adam Fishbein, Jenna Hall, Thomas Harris, David Lapkoff, Alex Kazanas, Jamal Newman, Renan Snowden


 7:57 PM: When Hulk Met Sally

Give us your favorite superhero and your favorite rom-com and we’ll improvise some true love!

Cast: Jack Lewis, Olivia Martinez, Ginnie Seger


8:06 PM: LIZARD GIRL Presents: The Lizard’s Claw

The lizard’s claw promises your greatest wishes will come true. The lizard’s claw makes no other promises.

Cast: Mikey Blunschi, David Brescia-Weiler, Maria Halloran, Shealy Molpus, Jessica Norman, Bryce Slinger, Jared Smith, Lauren Woody


8:17 PM: Regyna’s Drag Race

A streamlined RuPaul’s Drag Race runway if RuPaul was a 58-year-old twice divorcée from Boca Raton.

Cast: Denny Johnson, Dan Milliken, Adam Koussari, and a variety of blind casting.


8:28 PM: The Coven Presents: What’s Your Sign?

A bunch of witch experts will consult the oracle on an issue you are facing and present all possible outcomes based on your astrological reading.

Cast: Kelsie Anderson, Jenna Hall, Justine Hipsky, Kara Kinsey, Olivia Martinez, Kelsey Peters, Cara Popecki, Krystal Ramseur, Anna Ross, Renan Snowden


8:39 PM: Sherlock Holmes “A Scandal in WIT”

Sherlock Holmes is on the case at WIT to solve the latest mystery!

Cast: Jack Lewis, Karyn Wilson


8:44 PM: “Use Every Bit of that Education”

It’s a show where you have to work into conversation random things you learned in college/school that don’t matter but are in your brain forever.

Cast: Eileen Breslin, David Byrd, Cassandra C., Kalynn Chambers, Olivia D’Aoust, Shijit Dasgupta, Em Fiske, Christina Floriza, Stephen Gabauer, Caroline Howe, Jasmine Jiang, Tom A. Kaze, Adam Levine, Phil Morton, Patrick Murray, Paul Pearlman, Joe Randazzo, David Richman, Liz Sanders, Isabelle Solomon, Bethany Stokes, Matt Strote, Heather Marie Vitale


8:55 PM: Lena Dunham Presents: #notmyAriel

In the wake of the controversy of Disney casting a Black actress to star in The Little Mermaid, WIT featured ensemble Lena Dunham explores how other famous Disney movies would change with Black casting.

Cast: Darnell Eaton, Derek Hayes, Erica Johnson, Eva Lewis, Jamal Newman, Krystal Ramseur, Nic Small


9:10 PM: Who’s Madeline Is it Anyway?

Members of Madeline compete for invaluable points in a short-form improv show that involves the audience.

Cast: Bam Alston, Yael Granader, Jasmine Jiang, Kevin Mahoney, Dan Miller, Dan Milliken, Erin Murray, Liz Sanders, Macey Schiff, Patrick Slevin


9:25 PM: Clenched FIST

FIST is back! But faster and more intense! Which one of these randomly assigned teams will prevail??

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Bam Alston, Michael Alvino, Nicole Barrett, Geoff Blizard, Ryan Brookshire, Dave Byrd, Bethany Coan, Geoff Corey, Em Fiske, Patrick Fleury, Amanda Fulton, Rosie Grant, Justine Hipsky, Alex Kazanas, David Lapkoff, Béatrice Leydier, Ryan McClure, Jordana Mishory, Bill Nelson, Jessica Norman, Spencer Orenstein, Joe Randazzo, Sam Schifrin, Jason Walther


9:40 PM: Jazzmine’s Last Show

See what happens in Jazzmine’s final show — the club is being torn down — and there’s no reason to hold back anymore. She shares her memories and her dreams … and leaves it all on the stage.

Cast: Beth Lyons and Erin McGuire


9:52 PM: Babylon

What we have here is a failure to communicate … but WE’RE TRYING! Everyone in Babylon is speaking a language other than English, but it’s not the same language their scene partner is speaking.

Cast: Blind Casting




Cast: Erick Acuña, Nicole Barrett, Eileen Breslin, Justin Carty, Gina Cordero, Tom Di Liberto, Caroline Howe, J.J. Jackson, Susan Jacob, Tucker Kibbey, Kara Kinsey, Kelsey Peters, David Richman, Bethany Stokes, Matt Strote, Tandra Turner, Jason Walther, Karyn Wilson


10:10 PM: Nox! Does Nox!

See what happens when the cast of Nox! improvises as… each other.

Cast: Lura Barber, Geoff Corey, Sean Paul Ellis, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Nina Hsu, Saleh Karaman, Bri Lux, Chris Ulrich, Matt Winterhalter


10:21 PM: Daddy Delivery Room

In the waiting room of your very favorite hospital, five expectant people prepare for their transition to Daddy-hood.

Cast: Cat Fullerton, Alex Kazanas, Kevin Mahoney, Ben Taylor, Elise Webb


10:33 PM: I’M BATMAN

What happens when Batman fans unite to perform improv? Batman appears in every scene. Duh nuh nuh.

Cast: Alex Abbott, Em Fiske, Tom A. Kaze, Shawn Logue, Paul Pearlman, Joe Randazzo, David Standish


10:40 PM: Puss and Kooch Presents: CIRCUS

Life is a circus. Puss and Kooch will now bring the circus to life.

Cast: Bam Alston, Kara Kinsey, Peter Narby, Jamal Newman, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur


10:51 PM: CSI Miami-Prov: Crime & PUNishment (Season 6)

The Palooza tradish-pun continues. Because as David Caruso always says, “If you’re going to come at me, you better come puns a-blazing.”

Cast: Matt Berman, Ryan Brookshire, Joe Dawson, Mary Lauran Hall, Timothy Harkin, Michael Hendrix, Lauren LaVare, Dan Milliken, Jordana Mishory, Satish Pillalamarri


11:02 PM: Beverly Bonecrusher

Three former FIST champions perform the format of this year’s champs.

Cast: Lura Barber, Dan Miller, Jonathan Murphy


11:13 PM: Soda Jerks

Free ice cream for the entire audience. Who doesn’t love free ice cream?!

Cast: Sean Paul Ellis, Jamal Newman, Saleh Karaman, Geoff Corey, Nina Hsu, and hopefully Alex Beard


11:30 PM: Pet Sematary

Oh my, is that Jud Crandall?! The old man from the movie “Pet Sematary” (1989) who tells neighbors about the graveyard that can bring things back to life but also warns that when they come back they come back different? Yes. Yes it is him. And he’s here to remind you that sometimes, “DEAD IS BETTER.”

Cast: Sam Bonar, Joey Breems, Elaine Colwell, Tim Harkin, Margaret Lee, Kristina Martinez


11:40 PM: Black Family Reunion

You are invited to this Black Family Reunion. We are going to party and do all of our favorite black family reunion dances together.

Cast: Kalynn Chambers, Nicole McCauley, Kourtney Ramseur, Krystal Ramseur, Tandra Turner


11:47 PM: The Wine Up

It’s like Netflix’s latest comedy “Wine Country” where we will get a little wine drunk and pretend we’re all best friends celebrating decades of friendship at a vineyard.

Cast: Natalia Antas, Lauren Gabel, Rosie Grant, James Jelin, Aubrey Peterson, Anna Ross, Alex Waddell


11:55 PM: Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance Man

It’s the ultimate competition to prove who is the greatest genius of all time.

Cast: Michael Alvino, Nina Hsu, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory, Nic Small


12:05 AM: Name an NBA Fact, Win a Jersey

Correctly name a fact about an NBA player and you win an authentic jersey of that player.

Cast: Spencer Orenstein


12:10 AM: We Used to be Dancers

Two dancing roommates, past their glory, live a plain existence but have never forgotten THE DANCE.

Cast: Jessica Randazzo, Clarissa Zies


12:15 AM: Inside the Actor’s Studio w/ Denzel Washington: Part II “Bigger and Blacker”

Learn acting techniques with the living legend himself.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Jamal Newman


12:25 AM: Mayo Poppins

Just a spoon full of mayonnaise helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way.

Cast: Lauren Gabel, Kara Kinsey, Beatrice Leydier, Clare Mulligan, Peter Narby, Kelsey Peters, Krystal Ramseur, Sam Schifrin


12:33 AM: Love-Love

Are we not trapped in a game where love means nothing?

Cast: Robin Doody, Jessica Norman, Samantha Schifrin, Jared Smith


12:38 AM: Poor Unfortunate Souls

Are you a poor unfortunate soul in need of some advice? Well, that’s what we do. IT’S WHAT WE LIVE FOR.

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Jordana Mishory


12:45 AM: Renata Klein Tries Improv for the First Time

Everyone’s favorite rich (?) bitch from Monterey will try her hand at improv. She is a fan of big reactions.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Clare Mulligan, Spencer Orenstein, Heather Marie Vitale


12:50 AM: Welcome to the Australian Zoo Level One

See how these two Aussie Sheilas have brought improv to the Australia Zoo to better communicate with the animals

Cast: Erin Murray, Liz Sanders


12:55 AM: Everybody, Get in Here

Come watch the Biggest Group Scene ever.

Cast: Stacey Axler, Nicole Barrett, Eileen Breslin, Shawn Fisher, Susan Jacob, Shawn Logue, Taylor Kniffin, Phil Morton, Paul Pearlman, David Richman, Lisa Schreihart, Kris Shenenberger, Sarah Spell, Jason Walther, Jane White


1:00 AM: Thank You, That’s Our Show

See what happens when two veteran improvisers get wacky.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Martin Steger


1:07 AM: Request Line

Hey all you music junkies! The request line is open and our DJ is ready to play your favorite hits!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Ryan Brookshire, Em Fiske, Tess Higgins


1:12 AM: Friends with Benefits

If you like puns and sex, this is a show to watch.

Cast: Maddie Black, Matt Coit, Niv Ellis, Taylor Kniffin, Max Makovetsky, Turner Meeks


1:17 AM: Backpack Kid and Friends Invent a New Dance

He’s BACK(pack Kid)! And he’s here to invent a new dance. And he brought his friends!

Cast: Joey Breems, Elaine Colwell, Tim Harkin, Jordana Mishory


1:22 AM: Adjacent Stathams

Jason Statham has motorcycled so fast that he opened the door to a mirror universe. In that mirror universe? More Jason Stathams.

Cast: Bam Alston, Erin Murray, Kevin Mahoney, Liz Sanders, Patrick Slevin


1:27 AM: Sleepy Jenna/Mean Nina Telethon

Everyone loves the feel-good telethon, raising money through a volunteer phone bank for a charitable cause. In this show, find out what’s happening with the telethon hosts and crew, behind the scenes.

Cast: Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Nina Hsu


1:32 AM: Chain-smokers

The part in musicals where people burst into song, except they smoke a cigarette instead.

Cast: Blind Casting


1:39 AM: The WIT Witch Project 2

Erick and James survived their attempt to make a documentary about the WIT Witch last year and vowed to never search for her again. But investigators have just discovered footage of what happened when one year later, she came searching for them.

Cast: Erick Acuña, James Jelin


1:46 AM: Dan


Cast: Blind Cast 


1:51 AM: Ted Taxton’s Technology Test

See improvisers get tough but loving feedback on their improv technology skills.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Erin Briana Murray, Ryan Brookshire, James Jelin, Jordana Mishory, Phil Morton, Bill Nelson, Kris Shenenberger, David Richman, Jared Smith, Jane White, Jason Walther


1:56 AM: ASMR: Cromch Cromch

ASMR—that weird, whisper podcast or YouTube channel that your roommate SWEARS is just to help them sleep—now comes with cute animals! Listen to the soothing sounds of mic’ed puppies and rabbits chewing crisp vegetables.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Mark Chalfant, Justine Hipsky


2:01 AM: Time Out Toss

Time for a break in the improv action, who wants FREE STUFF?

Cast: JoJo Franzen, Jared Smith


2:06 AM: Suggestible

We need YOUR suggestions!

Cast: Bam Alston, Ryan Brookshire, Jamal Newman


2:11 AM: JUICE

It ain’t our fault that we’re out here getting loose. Blame it on our juice! Blame it, blame it on our juice!

Cast: Kelsie Anderson, Stacey Axler, Elise Buckley, Elaine Colwell, Lauren Cross, Lauren Gabel, Molly Graham, Meaghan Griffith, Caroline Howe, Taylor Kniffin, Jordana Mishory, Kelsey Peters, Kristen Timko, Heather Marie Vitale, Simone Webster


2:16 AM: Bear or Nicholas Cage?

Everyone is either a bear or Nicholas Cage.

Cast: Erick Acuña, Nicole Barrett, Shawn Logue, Bill Nelson, David Richman, Jason Walther


2:21 AM: Back UP, Dancers!

When backup dancers overtake the lead singer.

Cast: Ryan Brookshire, Bizzy Fain, Ashley Norman


2:26 AM: Are You Afraid of Awkward Sex in the Dark?

Sex is rarely a beautiful, perfect act of love. It’s like…awkward as hell.

Cast: Geoff Corey and Sam Schifrin


2:31 AM: Total Eclipse of the Heart

There are certain songs that stop you dead in your tracks and compel you to DANCE YOUR TRUTH.

Cast: Katie Ozog, Patrick Slevin


2:36 AM: The End – For Real This Time

Our dinosaur friends thought it was all over last time, but it was only an eclipse. This time it’s for real. Don’t miss the last moments for the dinosaurs on Earth as the giant rock approaches.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Rich Casey, Kalynn Chambers, Bizzy Fain, Dana Malone Heiser, Tucker Kibbey, Shawn Logue, Joe Randazzo, Raymond Simeon, Samantha Schifrin, Jared Smith, Kristen Timko