7:30 PM Nox! Presents: Franken-Format

Nox! has performed and created a number of different show structures over our 5+ years together. In this show, we perform them all.

Cast: Lura Barber, Annie Barry, Alex Beard, Sean Paul Ellis, Jenna Hall, John Heiser, Brianna Lux, Chris Ulrich, Matt Winterhalter


7:50 PM Lodge Podge

Enter the intricate lives of puppets as they turn the prosaic into an exciting satire on the human experience.

Cast: Mark Carroll, Luke Hennig, Steve Karig, Erin Murray, Omar Parbhoo, Jared Smith, Jesse Young


8:01 PM Senseless Acts of Improvisation

One man with a blindfold, one man with earmuffs, and one with duct tape over his mouth create an action movie complete with a hero, a love interest, and a villain.

Cast: Clay Hollenkamp, John Schmitz, David Wittenberg


8:06 PM King Bee Presents: Not a Musical

You know that moment in musicals, when the actors begin to wax emotional, and you feel A SONG COMING ON? This show lives in that one, brief, expectant moment.

Cast: Lauren Cross, Megan Cummings, Paul Hitlin, Rob Miller, Katie Rush, John Windmueller


8:21 PM Coming to AmeriProv

It’s hard out there for a first-generation kid. Come see a multicultural montage of a life perpetually lost in translation, served with a heaping spoonful of guilt.

Cast: Mary Ann Badavi, Maria-Veronica Banks, Shijit Dasgupta, Ceci De Robertis, Christina Floriza, Nina Hsu, Carlic Huynh, Harry Kacak, Alex Kazanas, Ari Koudounas, Pia Nargundkar, Jaci Pulice, Goli Samimi, Raymond Simeon


8:32 PM The Qui-Gon Jinn Laws

After a hard day on Coruscant, some low-level Jedi meet at a local bar to discuss Jedi matters and unwind.

Cast: Matt Berman, Analía Gómez Vidal, John Heiser, Alex Kazanas, Jamal Newman, Heather Marie Vitale


8:39 PM PTA Town Hall

Are you a parent with concerns about your little Johnny or Suzie at school? Come to our PTA town hall, where all bets are off!

Cast: Will Bowman, Joey Breems, Yasmine Doumi, Amber Garlock, Olivia Martinez, Brady Peters


8:50 PM Slow Dance

Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Jane and Todd’s love, we’re going to slow things down on the dance floor. If you’re here with someone special tonight, come sway along to this sweet, sweet song.

Cast: Lura Barber, Pete Bergen, Matt Berman, Darnell Eaton, Adam Koussari-Amin, Eva Lewis, Rob Miller, Katie Ozog, Jaci Pulice, Kate Symes


9:05 PM Bri & Millie: Greatest Improv Hosts in the World

Brianna Lux and Dan Milliken are the greatest improv hosts in the world. When they host a show, they always overshadow the improv troupes performing, so they needed their own time slot.

Cast: Brianna Lux, Dan Milliken


9:10 PM Juggleprov

The innovative integration of circus arts and improv.

Cast: Nathan Bynum, Brian Fu


9:21 PM The Cat Picnic Trio Presents: A Cat Picnic

We don’t have time to stop our picnic to perform a show.

Cast: Tom Di Liberto, Elizabeth Fulton, Pia Nargundkar


9:26 PM An A Cappella Disney Adventure

A musical featuring your favorite Disney songs, sung a cappella, in the most unlikely places.

Cast: Elaine Colwell, Geoff Corey, Taunya Ferguson, Molly Graham, Justine Hipsky, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Alex Kazanas, Lauren LaVare, Samantha Schifrin, John Schmitz, Katie Watkins, Lauren Woody


9:41 PM Soda Jerks 

Alex Beard and Sean Paul Ellis put aside their differences once a year to give back to the DC improv community. Free ice cream never tasted so bittersweet.

Cast: Alex Beard, Sean Paul Ellis


9:48 PM Fucking Messes Bullshit-Ass Kids Fucking Fuck

We’re tired of cleaning up these kids’ bullshit messes.

Cast: Alex Beard, Sean Paul Ellis, Rob Miller, Jordana Mishory


9:53 PM Motion & Sound

Newton’s third law says that all actions are accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction. In this show, all actions will also be accompanied by sounds, but no dialogue.

Cast: Blind casting


10:04 PM Pimp-prov

Watch the spectacle of a group of improvisers pimping their scene partners into oblivion.

Cast: Jennifer Hyman, Harry Kacak, Sarah Katz-Hyman, Brianna Lux, Nick Martinez, Aaron Merrill, Joe Randazzo, Heather Marie Vitale


10:15 PM Pizza Party Presents: Radio Dramas in the Dark

Take a step back into yesteryear and join us for an old-fashioned radio drama … in the dark.

Cast: Mary Ann Badavi, Jesse Chimes, Seth Payne, Martin Steger


10:26 PM Box!

Inspired by the power of the yoni and the power of the c-word (comedy), the four women of WIT house ensemble Nox! perform scenes entirely about vaginas. We are … Box!

Cast: Lura Barber, Annie Barry, Jenna Hall, Brianna Lux


10:37 PM The Four Heads Present: Cannon Ball Run

A group of renegades takes off on a cross-country trip. This three-car battle royale is action-packed from start to finish, as these degenerates race to the audience-chosen location to win the grand prize.

Cast: Alex Beard, Matt Berman, Sean Paul Ellis, John Heiser, Jordana Mishory, Dan O’Neil, Katie Ozog, Joe Randazzo, Kate Symes, Chris Ulrich


10:48 PM Special Sports Talk

We all remember where we were for Superbowl ’97. Relive it along with many “wow” moments in sports history with this week’s edition of Special Sports Talk.

Cast: Felicia Barnes, Geoff Blizard, Geoff Corey, Ellie Klein, Sarah Leibach, Dan Miller, Jessica Norman, Samantha Schifrin


10:55 PM One Women Show

What’s better than a one-woman show? Five one-woman shows at once.

Cast: Catherine Deadman, Jules Duffy, Caroline Pettit, Jaci Pulice, Kate Symes


11:10 PM Ugh: Honey, Brush Me!

The boys of Ugh have a lot of hair that needs brushing … and a lot of hot tea that needs spilling! (Tea means gossip, straight person.)

Cast: Denny Johnson, Adam Koussari-Amin, Ryan Krull, Dan Milliken


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