7:30 PM Be My Guest 

A set inspired by the films of Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show), where improvisers find their weird side while ramping up for a special event as provided by the audience.

Cast: Pete Bergen, John Heiser, Jeff Hewitt, Justine Hipsky, Alex Kazanas, Patrick Murray, Katie Ozog, Goli Samimi, Kaelan Sullivan, Heather Marie Vitale


7:46 PM BuzzFeel: Nine Rules for Improvising with My Fetus

Wonder Women: Pregnant and formerly pregnant performers give us a lesson in owning the stage and growing a baby … at the same time. 

Cast: Sabahat Chaudhary, Megan Cummings, Jules Duffy, Katie Dunn, Lisa Kays, Dana Koffman, Caroline Pettit, Greer Smith


7:57 PM Ivanka! The Musical

Ivanka Trump kicks off her 2020 campaign in song! 

Cast: Mickey Daniel, David Steib


8:04 PM Historical Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party decides to go where bachelorettes have gone no where before. 

Cast: Blind casting


8:15 PM Found in Translation

Our team will show how language differences need not be a barrier to human connection and real communication.

Cast: Analía Gómez Vidal, Jennifer Hyman, Harry Kacak, Ari Koudounas, Tony Lopez, Ela Macander, Ceci De Robertis, Rajyashree Sen


8:26 PM Blooming Onion

The cast of Love Onion grows, shrinks, grows, and shrinks in a fast-moving switch between solo scenes and whimsical group games. 

Cast: Zach Beattie, Sam Bonar, Elaine Colwell, Joe Dawson, Darnell Eaton, Tim Harkin, Virginia Lyon, Jordana Mishory


8:41 PM Neighbor Spawn

See what happens when adults hit baby milestones. Ga ga goo 401k?

Cast: David Barth, Tiff Cain, Tracey D’Souza, Rachael Connelly, Lisa Kays, Ami Krasner, Nic Small, David Steib


8:52 PM BP Town Hall August Meeting: Time Capsule

Our cast represents the good townspeople fighting to include their prized objects into the town’s time capsule.

Cast: Ulysses Campbell, Zach D’Amico, Krista Gettle, Ryan Graves, Marie Iwaniuk, Susan Jacob, Dana Koffman, John Roller, Trish Rowlison, Sarah Spell


9:03 PM Harold: The Ballet

Join us for a highbrow evening at the ballet.

Cast: Elijah Abram, Jeff Bollen, Analía Gómez Vidal, Adam Levine, Nick Martinez, Goli Samimi, Samantha Schifrin, Nic Small, Heather Marie Vitale, Lauren Woody


9:18 PM Mystery Improv Theater

You decide where our four characters do their show; we take you on a journey into improv mystery.

Cast: Nicole Ayache, Devin Horne, Ellie Klein, Jack Novak


9:29 PM Training Video

You are watching this improvised mandatory training video because you don’t want to get fired from your job! We hope you like learning.

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Elaine Colwell, Tim Harkin, Alex Kazanas, Olivia Martinez, Rob Miller, Jordana Mishory, Amanda Nogic, Amber Pierdinock


9:40 PM Best Party Ever 

Seth and Elizabeth are throwing the Greatest Party of All Time. BYOB.

Cast: Elizabeth Fulton, Seth Payne


9:47 PM Getting Pumped!

An improv team gets really enthusiastic.

Cast: Adelyn Allchin, Stacey Axler, Emily Blumenfield, Gloria Funes, Kevin Koeser, Brian Petriello


9:52 PM Mr. Sandman Returns

The mystical, the magical, the otherworldly and fantastical. Break out your onesie, say goodnight, and follow us into the world of the dream.

Cast: Zach Beattie, Caroline Blair Pettit, Alex Turner 


10:07 PM Wonder Whale Presents: Under the Sea

Improv is much better down where it’s wetter.

Cast: Jeff Bollen, Geoff Corey, Kara Kinsey, Ellie Klein, Dan Miller, Chris Orvin, Kelsey Peters, Amy Purcell, Krystal Ramseur, Martin Steger


10:18 PM Hot Tub Timeprov Machine

Riff Raff takes the audience on a wild ride through time and hot tubs, riffing on various historical events.

Cast: Tim Harkin, Max Postman, Elijah Sloan


10:29 PM Steve Urkel

Did I do that????

Cast: Ryan Alloway, Jeff Bollen, Ryan Brookshire, Elaine Colwell, Ari Kaiser, Tyler Laminack, Eva Lewis, Lauren Wason


10:36 PM Starlight Sh*Boom Presents: Starbride Sh*Groom

In the future, humankind has scattered across galaxies but remains united…by DANCE. Join Axel Spreadsheet and Jillette Razor for Starlight Sh*Boom, the multiverse’s HOTTEST dance TV show, where all the *gleep-glorpiest* new moves are generated through the magic of “virtual improvisational reality.” *AND THIS TIME, THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED!*

Cast: Isabel Galbraith, Dan Milliken


10:51 PM Nanas Knitting Nice Things

Four church biddies knit for charity and explore the ins and outs of a small-town congregation.

Cast: Lauren Boston, Angela Karpieniak, Ellie Klein, Nick Seaver


11:02 PM World Improv Wrestling Entertainment

Brotherrrrr! Welcome to World Improv Wrestling Entertainment! The audience decides the identities, signature moves, and beefs with other wrestlers for all the pros onstage, and watches the mayhem ensue.

Cast: Ted Blanton, Geoff Blizard, Rich Casey, Darren Cunningham, Shijit Dasgupta, Sarah Flocken, Carlic Isee, Steve Major, Daniel Miller, Seth Payne, David Richman, Chris Trice 



Characters and relationships take on a new form when all you see is glow. A group of women performs longform improv. In the dark. While glowing.

Cast: Stacey Axler, Felicia Barnes, Maria Gahan, Melissa Gedney, Ginnie Seger, Renan Snowden, Heather Marie Vitale, Katie Watkins


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