7:30 PM Levels of Kelsey
See what happens when Kelsey Peters and her TAs play with students who had Kelsey and stopped after Level 1, continue through the entire WIT curriculum, and everything in between.

Cast: Nicole Barrett, Kathryn Evans, Aaron Harris, Mason Heilman, Cassie Hoffman, Tyler Howe, Vasant Joseph, Court McGrew, Kelsey Peters, Kelly Shannon, Ali Stahr, Leslie Turner, Gabby Villegas, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez.

7:44 PM World Peas
Our similarities are greater than our differences.

Cast: Blind casting.

7:55 PM Welcome to Modern Abbott Family Office
Abbott Elementary takes place in a school. The Office is in … well, an office. Where does the next great mockumentary style show take place? The audience decides. Coming to ABC this Fall.

Cast: Krystal Ali, Stacey Axler, Geoff Corey, Meredith Garagiola, Katie Munn, Bill Nelson, Bethany Stokes, Simone Webster, Steph Wilson, Eddison Wilkinson.

8:04 PM The Secret Life of Improv Stools
Stage props finally get their props. Hear what stage stools are thinking while the Hoomans are doing their improv thing.

Cast: Robert Falk, Aimee Imundo.

8:13 PM DC’s Hottest
DC’s Hottest – experience DC’s newest & wildest venue create by an audience suggestion!

Cast: Kristina Baldwin, Abby Brown, Erin, Buckley, Aagosh Mathur, Hannah Piper, Brendan Oudekerk.

8:21 PM One Big Ass Line-at-a-Time Song
You get a line, and you get a line! Everybody gets a line!

Cast: Blind casting.

8:31 PM Neighbors Presents: Reunion
Neighbors reunite with each other and with audience members to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Cast: Abby Fu, Adam Koussari-Amin, David Barth, David Gavin Steib, Eva Lewis, Jason Walther, Katie Rush, Lisa Barth, Nic Small.

8:42 PM Hit the NOS
Fast-TEN your seatbelts for this show that goes from 0 to 60, Fast & Furious style!

Cast: Caroline Chen, Geoff Corey, Jenna Hall, Alex Kazanas, Jordana Mishory, Clare Mulligan.

8:53 PM Compliments Only
If you don’t think mean is funny, you will love this show!

Cast: Avalon Warner-Gonzales, Erick Acuna, Kathryn Evans, Kelly Shannon, Kelsey Peters, Kristina Martinez, Leslie Turner, Mason Heilman, Neil Baron, Sarah Herhold, Tim Montgomery, Turner Meeks, Vasant Joseph.

9:04 PM Meredith Motivates
Meredith Garagiola changes someone’s life, live on stage.

Cast: Meredith Garagiola.

9:09 PM RAD Company: DC’s #1 Cover Band
RAD Company is DC’s #1 Cover Band!

Cast: Erick Acuna, Nicole Barrett, Richie Khan, Spencer Orenstein.

9:20 PM You’re Uninvited
Just because you’re uninvited doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time.

Cast: Krystal Ramseur Ali, Melissa Gedney, Lori Pitts, Tandra Turner.

9:32 PM iMusical Presents: The Rashomon
Characters describe the same event from different points of view, including contradictory interpretations or descriptions by the individuals involved, thereby providing different perspectives and points of view of the same incident. But what’s the truth? Only the songs will tell.

Cast: Cassie Barnum, Matt Berman, Ryan Campbell, Mark Chalfant, Geoff Corey, Beth Lyons, Travis Ploeger, Adrianne Thomas, Elaine Tinkelman, Anna Claire Walker, Simone Webster.

9:48 PM The Motherlode Presents: So THAT Happened!!
Talk show co-hosts (and best friends) who have been around and seen it ALL travel back in time to share their most memorable takes on important events. Spoiler: They don’t experience things the way most people might!

Cast: Hilary Joel, Peg Jobst.

9:57 PM CSI Miami-Prov: Crime and PUNishment (Season 8)
The Palooza tradish-pun continues. And the puns? They are killer!

Cast: Matt Berman, Mikail Faalasli, Tim Harkin, Jordana Mishory, Clare Mulligan, Kacie Peterson, Nic Small, Slli’m Williams.

10:08 PM Radio Disney Adults
A Disney themed show that does not involve a capella singing.

Cast: Blind casting.

10:19 PM And, NPCene!
Watch our persistent protagonist go up against pesky NPCs in an improvised video game!

Cast: Kathryn Evans, Avalon Warner-Gonzalez, Mason Heilman, Vasant Joseph, Kelly Shannon, Leslie Turner, Gabby Villegas.

10:30 PM Who Did It? A Musical Improv Murder Mystery Show
Watch as two detectives solve a murder right before the audience’s very eyes. Only this time it’s a musical!

Cast: Erick Acuña, Elaine Colwell, Geoff Corey, Jasmine Jiang, Molly Graham, Patrick Fleury, Kathleen O’Donnell, Spencer Orenstein, David Shadburn, Adrianne Thomas, Anna Claire Walker.

10:45 PM A Journey in Too Many Parts
Duo Krystal and Melissa explore the build up to life’s most basic activities.

Cast: Krystal Ramseur Ali, Melissa Gedney.

10:54 PM A Very Huggy Smalls Reunion: The Return of Huggy Spreadums
Long-time indie darlings Huggy Smalls invites all of its former members to catch up and perform with them for old time’s sake.

Cast: Lauren Cross, Em Fiske, Jojo Franzen, Richie Khanh, Chris Orvin, Nic Small, Jared Smith, Various Alumni of Huggy Smalls/Huggy Spreadums.

11:05 PM Yellowjackets Presents: Improv Extravaganza
The characters from Yellowjackets are in an improv team.

Cast: Erick Acuna, Stacey Axler, Nicole Barrett, Julia Gross, Court McGrew, Stacey Pelika, Micki Smith, Heather Marie Vitale.

11:17 PM The Brad Pitt School of Eat-Acting
Learn and see how that sweet piece of Brad meat acts so darn well.

Cast: Matt Strote, Blind Cast.

11:28 PM Maple Sunday Sundae Shoppe
See what happens when performers have to make sense of real ice cream appearing in their imaginary scenes.

Cast: Stacey Axler, Nicole Barrett, Tim Montgomery, Kelsey Peters, Jason Walther.