Justine Hipsky

Justine Hipsky hails from a sunny, insane paradise most commonly known as Florida.

She began improvising in the summer of 2014 because she realized that watching 30 Rock for a fourth time did not technically qualify as “social” or “creative.” Justine is a graduate of the Washington Improv Theater training program and currently performs with WIT Harold team Fran, as well as special project shows Die! Die! Die! and October Issue.

When she’s not obsessing over all things improv, she can be found spending way too much money on iced coffee and asking her dog who the prettiest girl in the world is. (It’s her dog.) One day, she’ll actually write in all the journals she keeps buying.

Favorite Color
Hidden Talent
Overanalyzing text messages

Short and sassy, Justine believes that life is weird but makes for great comedy. Everyone's just making it up as they go along, so why not do it together on a stage?

Justine is a classroom teacher by trade, but not much compares to being able to giggle the whole way through a lesson plan. She believes in building a supportive, fun classroom while also challenging students to expand their comfort zones and put effort into growing their craft. Her absolute favorite part about teaching improv is feeling the joy that comes from students surprising themselves and making connections—between life and comedy as well as between each other.


Her love for improv grew wildly after showing up to the first class with sweaty palms and a stomach tied in knots. She still gets the backstage butterflies and hopes that never changes. Currently, she performs with WIT Harold team Fran, as well as special project shows Die! Die! Die! and October Issue.

Personal Hero:
Olivia Benson
Favorite Food:
Macaroni and cheese