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Washington Improv Theater's community is made up of audience members, students, performers, volunteers, teachers, donors, and more. The one thing they have common? They all love improv and value what WIT brings to DC!

One big family

There’s room for everyone at WIT. The community ranges from lawyers to professional actors to nonprofit employees to college students. We’ve got all ages, nationalities, and ethnicities. Improv brings together folks who might not have met otherwise, and people value that experience.

Check your occupation and cares at the door. When you’re with us, be prepared to have fun.

Photo by Darian Glover

Say yes!

I know for sure there are future students out there right now, completely unaware as I once was, of the transformative power improv can have in their life. I’m so grateful to have found WIT and I want other to have the same opportunity as me; to say “yes” and see where the experience takes them.
–WIT Student

WIT fosters an incredible community of creative and caring artists. I have met some of my closest friends through the program, people I probably wouldn’t ever have crossed paths with otherwise who shape my life in new and amazing ways every day.
–WIT graduate, performer

WIT Shows Bubble

Ask anyone in DC — all work and no play can be a drag. But at WIT, we bring excitement and joy into the lives of Washingtonians. Donations from individuals like you help us keep the fun alive.

support-arrow-left WIT is celebrating its sixteenth year of bringing improv to Washington. Named one of the Washington, DC area’s best nonprofits by the Catalog for Philanthropy, WIT brings together DC residents from all walks of life.

Donate to WIT Your donations will help us:

  • Create the most dynamic longform improv performances in the city
  • Implement our ambitious Improv in Every Ward initiative to produce free Improv for All workshops throughout the city.
  • Continue the growth of an organization that works with 13,000 audience members and 1,100 students every year.

support-arrow-right If you have any questions concerning your support for WIT, or you’d like to discuss making a more significant donation to the theater, please contact Dan Miller, WIT’s external relations director. WIT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

From greeting patrons to running lights and sound for shows, our top-notch volunteers are the backbone of keeping WIT running. Want to help support WIT while meeting awesome people? Sign up for our operatives email list and we'll keep you in the loop about volunteer opportunities. Even better — for every 12 hours you volunteer, you get $50 off your next class and early access to class registration!

WIT has mad love for its interns. Each WIT internship is designed to meet the needs of the organization while building skills for our interns in order to help them develop into professionals in arts management.

Interested in seeing how an improv theater works behind the scenes? You’ll get to dig into a wide range of our work. One day you may help us promote a show; other days you may help coordinate our classes program or help us stage the shows themselves.

How do I apply?
If you’re interested in exploring an internship with WIT, please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire below. Then please send your resume to To be considered for an internship, you must complete both steps. We only accept applications from current college students or graduates.

WIT is no long accepting internship applications for the fall term. Applications will be considered for the spring term beginning Nov. 15. Summer internship applications will be considered beginning Feb. 15.


What are we looking for? The key traits we’re looking for are:

  • A self-motivated, results-oriented self-starter and go-getter.
  • Someone who wants to gain experience in arts management in a professional capacity.
  • A reliable and organized individual who can tackle a task from start to finish with minimal supervision.
  • Someone who is willing to work at least 20 hours per week and occasionally be able to pitch in to staff performances.
  • A sense of humor and willingness to explore creative and unconventional thinking.
  • Interest and/or experience in improv is a plus!
  • Adventurousness and a willingness to try new things and develop new skills

Perks! Internships are unpaid. However, we can help you earn course credit, and there is potential for earned income through front-of-house duties and other production-related work interns also enjoy the following rewards:

  • Free tickets to WIT shows.
  • One free eight-week improv class.
  • Professional development.
  • Propose and see through a highly individualized intern project based on your skills and interests.
  • Spend time with WIT staff and learn the ins and outs of nonprofit theater management and organizational development.
  • Make connections with the vast and varied WIT community.


WIT periodically holds auditions for our ensembles, Harold teams, and special projects.

Harold team auditions occur the most frequently (a few times a year) while ensemble and special project auditions occur less frequently.

The best way to stay in the loop about when we’re holding auditions is to sign up for our email list and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll spread the word when we’ve got performance opportunities.

Every moment of WIT's impact — on stage, in the classroom, anywhere in the community — is made possible by the dedicated support of WIT's donors. They are:

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

BakeHouse, Arthur Chu, Michael Briggs, Vangaurd Charitable, Margaret Fisher, Michael Kitces, Byoung Lee, Aaron Mosby

Anonymous, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B, Bitcoin100, Whitney Brimfield, Joe Magyer, Colin & Molly Murchie, Elizabeth Rowan, Cicie Sattarnilasskorn, Gregory Tindale

Coonoor Behal & Aaron Fickes, Mark Chalfant, Daniel Chen, Jonathan Chesebro, Charles Downs, Melissa Duffy, Michael & Jane Duffy, Juliana Duffy, John Fogarty, Julia Friedman, Alice Galper, Kevin Gauthier, Corrine Jones, Brianna Lux, Roman Lux, Kim Martin, John-Anthony D. Meza,  Rich Nyman, Amy Pederson, J. Richardson Jr., Maureen Rouhi, Katie Rush, David Steib, Kate Symes, Susan Tetterton, Michael Turletes, Mathew Winterhalter, Alex Zavistovich

Dean Belknap, James Bortnak, Richard Casey, David Chalfant, Sabahat Chaudhary, Darren Cunningham, Rachel Dry, Jules Duffy & Gene Magee, Sean Paul Ellis, Dan Fox, Abby Fu, Harbey Galper, William Hancock, Gail Hansen, Anil Hemrajani, Xavier Hernandez, Scott Holden, Jamie Lantinen, Ben Miller, Robin Miller, Dominic Monetta, Dres Neson, Cara Poponio, Jaclyn Pulice, Sara Rouhi, Laura Spadanuta, Allison Stockman, Michelle Swayney, Joe Uchno, Jonathan Zucker

Pedro Alcocer, Lisa Austin, Michael Bales, Lura Barber, Megan Blaskovich, Molly Brenner, Sophia Cai, Anita Chupp, Michael Colucciello, Archie Cubarubbia, Megan Cummings, Yvonne Doerre, Victor Edgerton, Taunya Ferguson, Madeleine Findley, Sarah Flocken, Ken Goldsmith, Stacy Hayashi, John Heiser, Jack & Gina Hirsch, JJ Jackson, Eva Lewis, Goodshuffle Llc., Rebecca McCary, Lane McFadden, Ethan Miller, Jordana Mishory, TJ Morales, Megan Morrison, Christina Noel, Dan O’Neil, Satish Pillalamarri, Barbara Platt, Curtis Raye, Dahye Seo, Jared Smith, PJ Brian Tabit, Chris Ulrich, Michael Whybres, James Whybrew, Kate Wing

Russell Aldrich, Antonia Allen-Sekser, Sarah Amar, Alexa Antonuk, Seth Arenstein, Michelle Argyros, Chris Aurilio, Dan Barber, Cassie Barnum, George Bass, Jigesh Baxi, Evan Behar, Alex Benlemlih, Brooke Bergen, Jamie Bingner, Nat Binns, Susan Blanco, Paul Bloomer, Zachary Bly, Sam Bonar, Russel Boothby, Kevin Carifi, Stephen Carter, Jasmine Chan, Chen-Lun Chang, Caroline Chen, Larra Clark, David Clup, Emilie Cobert, Michael Coe, Christine Colburn, Elaine Colwell, Michael Cowden, Linda Crovella, Chase Cushman, Elizabeth Cutler, Tracy D’Souza, Cecilia De Robertis, Catherine Deadman, John Delmore, Paulina Do, Alice Donlan, Tsaitami Duchicela, Amy Edgell, Mazyar Emami, Wuleta Endale, Helen Etheridge, Bryan Ewsichek, Greg Featherman, Melanie Fedri, Cara Foran, John Gibbons, John Daniel Gore, Connor Gorman, Arhan Gunhel, Justus Hammond, Bernice Heinzkill, Bryan Jackson, Stephanie Jennings, Lisa Ann Johnson, Allison Kirsch, Ronald Kohanski, Christine Kohisaat, Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Henry LaGue, Michael Levy, Rachael Lewus, Mike Lucibella, Rick Lux, Steven Major, John Mallory, Dana Malone, Matt Mansfield, Juliet Mazer-Schmidt, Andrew McCann, Katie McDermott, Francis Mobilio, Jonathan Murphy, Mariam Nek, Charles Neubauer, Elizabeth Nolan, Dixie Normous, Steven Nye, Lyndon Orinion, Michael Perez, Zachary Phillips, Stephen Pickhardt, Edna Primrose, Aaron Quyumi, Robert R., Ellen Reiterman, Julia Rocchi, Susan Rong, Joshua Ruihley, Robyn Russell, Nancy Safavi, Adam Sampedro, Leslie Schmidt, Jarad Schoffer, Andrew Shartzer, Michael Sicheri, Julia Skapik, Nicholas Small, Elizabeth Snodgrass, Keith Soares, Martin Steger, Stephanie Steines, Roy Stripling, Lisa Wasserman, Elise Webb, Andrew Weckbach, Abby Williams, Susan Winslow, Hanna Zlotnick, Adrien Zubrin