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Washington Improv Theater's community is made up of audience members, students, performers, volunteers, teachers, donors, and more. The one thing they have common? They all love improv and value what WIT brings to DC!

One big family

There’s room for everyone at WIT. The community ranges from lawyers to professional actors to nonprofit employees to college students. We’ve got all ages, nationalities, and ethnicities. Improv brings together folks who might not have met otherwise, and people value that experience.

Check your occupation and cares at the door. When you’re with us, be prepared to have fun.

Photo by Darian Glover

Say yes!

I know for sure there are future students out there right now, completely unaware as I once was, of the transformative power improv can have in their life. I’m so grateful to have found WIT and I want other to have the same opportunity as me; to say “yes” and see where the experience takes them.
–WIT Student

WIT fosters an incredible community of creative and caring artists. I have met some of my closest friends through the program, people I probably wouldn’t ever have crossed paths with otherwise who shape my life in new and amazing ways every day.
–WIT graduate, performer

WIT Shows Bubble

Ask anyone in DC — all work and no play can be a drag. But at WIT, we bring excitement and joy into the lives of Washingtonians. Donations from individuals like you help us keep the fun alive.

support-arrow-left WIT is celebrating its sixteenth year of bringing improv to Washington. Named one of the Washington, DC area’s best nonprofits by the Catalog for Philanthropy, WIT brings together DC residents from all walks of life.

Donate to WIT Your donations will help us:

  • Create the most dynamic longform improv performances in the city
  • Implement our ambitious Improv in Every Ward initiative to produce free Improv for All workshops throughout the city.
  • Continue the growth of an organization that works with 13,000 audience members and 1,100 students every year.

support-arrow-right If you have any questions concerning your support for WIT, or you’d like to discuss making a more significant donation to the theater, please contact Dan Miller, WIT’s external relations director. WIT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

From greeting patrons to running lights and sound for shows, our top-notch volunteers are the backbone of keeping WIT running. Want to help support WIT while meeting awesome people? Sign up for our operatives email list and we'll keep you in the loop about volunteer opportunities. Even better — for every 12 hours you volunteer, you get $50 off your next class and early access to class registration!

WIT has mad love for its interns. Each WIT internship is designed to meet the needs of the organization while building skills for our interns in order to help them develop into professionals in arts management.

Interested in seeing how an improv theater works behind the scenes? You’ll get to dig into a wide range of our work. One day you may help us promote a show; other days you may help coordinate our classes program or help us stage the shows themselves.

How do I apply?
If you’re interested in exploring an internship with WIT, please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire below. Then please send your resume to To be considered for an internship, you must complete both steps. We only accept applications from current college students or graduates.

What are we looking for? The key traits we’re looking for are:

  • A self-motivated, results-oriented self-starter and go-getter.
  • Someone who wants to gain experience in arts management in a professional capacity.
  • A reliable and organized individual who can tackle a task from start to finish with minimal supervision.
  • Someone who is willing to work at least 20 hours per week and occasionally be able to pitch in to staff performances.
  • A sense of humor and willingness to explore creative and unconventional thinking.
  • Interest and/or experience in improv is a plus!
  • Adventurousness and a willingness to try new things and develop new skills

Perks! Internships are unpaid. However, we can help you earn course credit, and there is potential for earned income through front-of-house duties and other production-related work interns also enjoy the following rewards:

  • Free tickets to WIT shows.
  • One free eight-week improv class.
  • Professional development.
  • Propose and see through a highly individualized intern project based on your skills and interests.
  • Spend time with WIT staff and learn the ins and outs of nonprofit theater management and organizational development.
  • Make connections with the vast and varied WIT community.


WIT periodically holds auditions for our ensembles, Harold teams, and special projects.

Harold team auditions occur the most frequently (a few times a year) while ensemble and special project auditions occur less frequently. The next opportunities to audition for our Harold team program are:

  • Saturday, Sept. 16 2017
  • Saturday, Jan. 20 2017
  • Saturday, May 12 2018

The best way to stay in the loop about when we’re holding auditions is to sign up for our email list and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll spread the word when we’ve got performance opportunities.

Every moment of WIT's impact — on stage, in the classroom, anywhere in the community — is made possible by the dedicated support of WIT's donors. They are:

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Whitney Brimfield, Caliber Home Loans, Capitol Riverfront BID, Thomas Harris, Michael Kitces, KVS Title, Arianna Koudounas, Lou’s City Bar, Nellie’s Sports Bar, Kim Martin, Aaron Mosby, Liz Rowan, Cicie Sattarnilasskorn, Greg Tindale

David Chalfant, Mark Chalfant, Ceci De Robertis, Ehmonie Hainey, Adam Koussari-Amin, Robert Crawford + Tyler Jeffrey, Goli Samimi, Alex Stille

Juliana Duffy and Gene Magee, Kevin Gauthier and Megan Cummings, Tom and Ann Harris, Michael Hendrix, Lidia Hernandez, Olga Howard, Graziella Jackson, Denny Johnson, Jamie Lantinen, Brianna Lux, Robin Miller and Bob Levine, Colin and Molly Murchie, Katie Rush, Cicie Sattarnilasskorn, Kate Symes, Susan Tetterton, AJ Wilson and Rachel Madan, Lynn and Richard Wyvill

Anonymous (2), Seth Arenstein, Matt and Amanda Berman, Meredith Buchanan, Richard Casey, Barbara L. Ciconte, Jen Coken, Kraig Conrad, Mike Desjadon, Jeremy Hockenstein, Alexander Jaffe, Hannah Johnson, Tracee Jordan, Erik Josephson, Tyler Korba, Zach Mason, Dan Miller and Saro Derian, Taylor Morinigo, Christopher Nash, Sandy Bergo and Chuck Neubauer, Veronica Norman, Laura and Dave Norman, Dan O’Neil, Caroline Osborne, Donald Petty, Jaci Pulice, Lawrence D. Rickards, Sara Rouhi, Sandi Sarradet, Bonnie Strong, Scott Usher, Stewart Walsh and Carissa Lewis, Michael Whybrew, Matt Winterhalter


Ryan Alloway, Nina Berkowitz, Matt Berman, Michael Bird, Olivia Boyce, Sabahat Chaudhary, Jennifer Coken, Anne Eigeman, Sean Ellis, Joella Fink, Shana Glickfield, Kaitlyn Hemingway, Michael Hendrix, Lisa Kays, Alex Kazanas, Ami Kransler, Jordan LaCrosse, Tony Lazzeroni, John Mallory, Dana Malone, David Markey, Rebecca McCary, Hunter McEwan, Erica Meyer, Jordana Mishory, Kristin Murphy, Edna Primrose, Joseph Randazzo, John Roller, Kris Shenenberger, Erin Smith, Chris Ulrich, Scott Usher, Lauren Walinsky, Katie Watkins, Lauren Woody, Dana Zelman, Erick Acuña, Lucas Adams, Nathan Alston, Chad Appel, The Ashe Family, Ian Bailey, Maria-Veronica Banks, John Kennedy and Annie Barbera, Brandolon Barnett, Michael Beerman, Chinese Menu, Nina Berkowitz, Bindi Bhagat, Sara Bieker, Geoff Blizard, Pv Boccassam, Jeff Bollen, Susan Borke, David Bower, David Brescia-Weiler, Dionne Brown, Christina Brown, Sarah Bucher, Terry Burch, Sarah Burstyn, Sophia Cai, Rachel Canter, Anna Carello, John Carroll and Rachael Paz, Sherrie Carter, Alexandra Carter, Paul Chen, Paul Chen, Yunnan Chen, Patricia Coll, Catherine Collins, Christina Conell, Zach Corey, Marc Cowans, Keri Culver, Denise D’Amour, Jamal Daniel, Chandrima Das, Catherine Deadman, Maura Deegan, Saro Derian, Nathan Disidore, John Divine, Rebecca Dodson, Alice Donlan, Yasmine Doumi, Madeline Dunsmore, Rich Duval, Susan E., Samantha Ellerbeck, Sean Paul Ellis, Jennie Ellwanger, David Evans, Morgan Ewing, John Farrell, Corey Fenwick, Colin Fink, Shawn Fisher, Kathryn Fisher, Sarah Flocken, Erika Flora, Whitney Ford, Nicolas Francone, Elizabeth Freedman, Abby Fu, Drew G, Casey Gallagher, Alice and Harvey Galper, Ari Glatman Zaretzsky, Jason Garel, Thomas Gates, Abigail Gillis, Monique Gingold, Lori Gold, Amory Goldberg, Analia Gomez Vidal, Francis Gortaire, Molly Graham, Antoin Green, Alicia Greenidge, Justin Griffis, Kathryn Grossman, Gretchen Gustafson, Sheyanna Hall, Jenna Hall, Caroline Hallam, Kevin Hanley, Katelyn Hanson, Allison Harwick, Carmela Hayes, Kathleen Heagney, Jason Heckert, Katherine Heller, Diego Hernandez, Melissa Hersh, Abigail Hester, Justine Hipsky, Jack and Gina Hirsch, Rona Hitlin-Mason, Lisa Hiton, Daryl Holden, Devin Horne, Sarah Houghton, Nina Hsu, Julian Humphrey, JJ Jackson, Michael Jemmott, Adele Jerista, Hilary Joel, Christopher Jurgens, Tahir Kacak, Ari Kaiser, Debbie Kaplan, Lisa Kays and David Barth, Alex Kazanas, McNeill Kelley, James Kelly, Kevin Kim, Betsy Kingston, Malina Kirn, Natasha Kittrell, Caroline Knickerbocker, Jennifer Koch, Jessica Lake, Tyler Laminack, David Lapkoff, Ilana Lasday, Sarah Leibach, Mel Leiva, Tiffany Little, Dj Loop, David Lopez, Cristina Lopez, Mehlika Lozins, Aleksei Lund, Meg MacIver, Kevin Mahoney, Tony Marcus, Steve Marcellino, Beth Marchessault, Alyssa Marciniak, Alex Martin, Nick Martinez, Reginald Massey, Marc Maxmeister, Laurenellen McCann, Robert McClinton, Megan McCormick, Eric McDaniel, Andy McDaniel, Wade McMullen, Lindsay Miller, Dan Milliken, Jara Minguez, Jordana Mishory, Jim Mitre, Shealy Molpus, Jared Morgan, Jonathan Murphy, Erin Murray, Antonio Naglieri, Priya Neti, Zoe Neuberger, Sarah Newcomb, Jessica Norman, Taylor O’Connor, Meg O’Halloran, OluMide Ojeifo, Zadie Oleksiw, Ceci DeRobertis, Shira Ovide, Cara Palmer, Rebecca Parmalee, Joseph C Parry, Jordan Paul, Brady Peters, Guisou Pineyro, Nancy Porter, Catherine Porter, Barbara Power, Manuel Prado-Oviedo, Edna Primrose, Alan Prunier, Amy Purcell, John Quinn, Jessica Ramirez, Karen and Mark Ratzlaff, Avram Reisman, Ryan Rexroth, Lauren Rice, William Rice, Roberta Ritvo, Carlos Robles, Julia Rocchi, Matthew Roland, John Roller, Gina and Charlie, Clara Sackey, Richard Saviet, Meghan Schindler, Naomi Schultheis, Anthony Schumacher, Sabrina Shahmir, Margaret Shaw, Daniel Sheaffer, Brett Shogren, Virginia Simmons, Jennifer Simon, Victoria Simons, Michael Slattery, Patrick Slevin, Erin Smith, Jared Smith, Renan Snowden, Tajshana Solomon, Richard Spitalnik, Kristin Stamilio, Martin Steger, David Steib, Mark Strom, Kaelan Sullivan, Jyoti Tibrewala, Tu-An Truong, Chris Ulrich, John Vigorita, Mark Visona, Michael Visser, Heather Marie Vitale, Morgan Walton, Diana Wang, Sam Warlick, Courtney Weaver, Ellen Weiss, Laura Wetzel, Smith Williams, Michael Williamson, David Wittenberg, Jin Yoo, Sarah Yoo