Petunia + The Real Winners + Press Play’s Netflix and Scroll + Student-Teacher Conference

WIT's improv comedians turn an audience suggestion into a never-before-seen comedy show!


Saturday July 27, 2024
5:00 PM
General admission: $15 in advance (plus $2 service fee); Tickets to Friday night shows are All Access Passes. You may come and go between performances all night; for those who experience cost as a barrier, a limited number of affordable pricing tickets are available using the code AFFORDABLE

The Line-up 

Petunia is a troupe of high energy and fast improvisers that create hilarious scenes based on something that is budding in the life on an audience member.
Cast: Sol Aziz, Vito Prime, Arie Rich

The Real Winners
The Real Winners step into Survivor’s climactic showdown. In a world where deception dances dangerously with trust, every alliance is tested, and emotions storm wilder than the island winds. The backstabbing… the love… the hilarious, heart-stopping, can’t-breathe, “omigod it hurts” laughter… Join as we unravel at the final tribal council. Join us as we crown the REAL Real Winner. This isn’t just Survivor – it’s survival.
Cast: Kunal Duggal Sam Jackson Kat Kunkle James Nugent Hannah Piper Emily Pirt MJ Welch

Press Play’s Netflix and Scroll
Press Play improvises your favorite bedtime routine — scrolling through Netflix shows! Each scene will be based on suggested of titles and genres gathered from the audience before the show. Think “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Reality Show or “The Shining” Hotel Makeover. The possibilities and laughs are endless!
Cast: Erick Acuña, Sabahat Chaudhary, Eva Lewis, Dana Malone, Matt Mansfield, Jason Walther
Student-Teacher Conference
Hey all you WIT students, get in here! Toss your name in the bucket for a chance to perform on stage with WIT’s distinguished faculty!
Cast: n/a

Tickets to Friday night shows are All Access Passes. You may come and go between performances all night.

Frequently Asked Questions

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COVID safety

Masks are recommended, but not required for WIT shows. Learn more on our COVID Safety page.

Accessibility information

This performance will take place in the Milton Theatre on the second floor, reachable by stairs or elevator. Most seats in the Milton require the use of some stairs in the theater. The Milton has wheelchair- and scooter-accessible locations (reached by use of a platform lift) where patrons can remain in their wheelchairs or transfer to seats. Patrons requiring a wheelchair-accessible seat location should purchase a general admission ticket and then notify us by email at so that box office staff can be ready to assist or direct you. Please do not contact the Studio Theatre box office; they do not handle ticketing or seating for WIT performances. For more info on accessibility at Studio Theatre, see their accessibility page.

Title art by Tom Billings.