Petunia + Current DC Problems + Jos. A. Banksy +  Thems Me Vices

Check out an eclectic mix of DC indie teams!


Saturday May 27, 2023
5:00 PM
$0.00 - $20.00

Petunia is a troupe of high energy and fast improvisers that create hilarious scenes based on something that is budding in the life on an audience member. Cast: Sol Aziz, Nora Dell, Kathryn Evans, Pete Feinman, Armin Haracic, Maya Parthasarathy, Vito Prime, Arie Rich, Kelly Shannon, Allison Wilson

Current DC Problems is here to solve your problem! Whether it’s the hassle of finding parking or the debt ceiling crisis, we’re all dealing with some sort of problem in our lives. Current DC Problems uses an audience member’s problem as a springboard for a montage of improvised scenes which will have everyone laughing and may even give someone a solution to their most pressing problem! Cast: Justin Appel, Maria Batdorff, Jake Boggs, Javi Calderon, Jason Fliegel, Camilo Garcia, Aaron Harris, Mason Heilman, Vasant Joseph, Steve Lederer, Yong Lee, Dana Lutenegger, Ashley McDonald, Ashleigh Meade, Simonica Mendes, Shaina Rudman, Beth Ruedi, Jasmine Segall, Ali Stahr

Tell Jos. A. Banksy about that time you behaved a little badly. Acted just a liiiiiittle sUbVeRsIvE. And then watch them use that as inspiration for a show that is full of silly pea-in-the-pod characters that isn’t afraid to go a little dark in the pursuit of light! Cast: Alex Beard, Jordana Mishory, Liz Sanders

Thems Me Vices is a local indie troupe that feels most at home with the wicked and weird. We want to know what you’ve been hiding in your closet. Cast: Michael Kopalek, Michael Lawrence, Colin McIntyre, Sabrina Shahmir, Ted Harrison, Kevin Eggleston, Jonathan Hogue, Devin Hiett, Molly Scott

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Photo by Jeff Salmore