Match 26: We’re just here for the ice cream + Not Your Mother’s Daughters + Muppets 3 + Just Two Dudes + Chaos

Cast your vote and decide which improvisers become the next FIST champions in Washington Improv Theater's legendary tournament.


Saturday February 10, 2024
5:00 PM
$15.00 - $20.00

The Competitors

We’re Just Here for the Ice Cream
Cast: Virginia Gorsevski, Natasha Khan, Caroline Wolverton, Memphis Worley

Not Your Mother’s Daughters
Cast: Claire Brisse, Gunjan Maheshwari, Chizobam Nwagwu, Sam Ruback

Muppets 3
Cast: Ernest Afflu, Lexcia Carr, Sanjana Raghavan

Just Two Dudes
Cast: Michael Lawrence, Colin McIntyre

Cast: Geoff Corey, Diego Dew, Clare Mulligan, Aubrey Peterson

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