Shane Sarver

Shane manages brand operations at Uber.

Shane works with brilliant creatives — and handles the business and operational processes of creative development so the team can focus on crafting brilliant work. As an experienced program manager, Shane drives the team toward clear and actionable milestones while maintaining a healthy team culture. He has managed a variety of projects, including brand system design, typography development, web development, and print production. Shane most recently managed Uber’s 2018 re-brand, which was awarded re-brand of the year by AdWeek.

Prior to brand operations, Shane was an operations manager and accountant. He managed the process to deliver the “Uber” stickers to drivers across the United States and Canada and helped to set-up printing and distribution networks in Australia and Brazil. He’s also worked with Uber’s customer support teams to define business policies, train BPO agents, and develop analytical processes to reduce customer support fraud. One of his all-time favorite projects was when he managed 2,900 ice cream deliveries through Uber across 8 cities.

Shane was first introduced to improv in college when he accidentally walked into an all-day audition and stayed for the entire day. Since then he’s been hooked. After going to shows, he finally started to take classes at WIT in 2017 and absolutely loved it. Shane loves how WIT offers people a creative outlet and opportunity to meet new people.

Personal Motto
It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Personal Hero
Nicki Minaj