Sarah Caffee

Sarah is an educator with nearly a decade of experience working in schools.

She has previously taught ninth grade and fifth grade English and is a certified special education teacher. In 2016, she moved outside of the classroom and opened a technology and project-based charter high school in Phoenix, Arizona. While a principal, she brought an improv program to her school. Currently, Sarah teaches ninth grade World History at KIPP DC College Prep, serves as the department chair and curriculum writer for World History I, and runs an improv club.

Sarah has always loved acting and drama. She discovered improv in 2016 and took all six levels at The Torch Theater in Phoenix, played on a Harold team, and got “Yes,” tattooed on her wrist (evidence that she is seriously committed!). She moved to Washington, DC, in the summer of 2018. Since moving, Sarah has competed in FIST, taken the level 5 Harold class, and joined an indie team (Shots on a Monday). Sarah is really excited to support WIT with building its improv programming for youth. She is passionate about helping kids and teenagers express themselves and support each other through improv.

Favorite Travel Activity
Visiting Cemeteries
Favorite Animal
Macaroni Penguin