Maria Gahan

Maria was painfully shy growing up, and she's confident her 6-year-old self would be proud (and terrified) to know that the future adult Maria becomes an improv addict.

Maria began her improv journey in 2015 when she took a free WIT workshop and fell deeply in love with improv. She completed the curriculum at WIT in 2017 and then joined Laugh Index Theater’s Harold team, Cloaking Device, for the 2017-18 year. She joined the Harold program as a member of Tiovivo and also plays on indie team Rancy Neagan.

In her free time, she loves to read, listen to creepy true crime podcasts, and go on hikes that end at wineries. Re-runs of The Office will always be her go-to for lazy Sundays.

Hidden Talent
Guessing the time without looking at the clock
Favorite Color
It was blue for years until I realized everything I own is purple.