Maddie Black

Maddie Black hails from the great state of New Jersey and may try to fight you if you besmirch its good name in her presence.

Though she’s been obsessed with comedy for most of her life, Maddie finally plucked up the courage to sign up for an improv class in 2018. It was maybe the best choice she ever made. She is a graduate of the WIT curriculum and is a member of the indie team Trust Issues. She has also taken workshops at Dojo and UCB, and has performed at the Baltimore Improv Festival.

When she’s not doing improv, Maddie is paid to be the voice of the ocean, which mostly just means making whale sounds at journalists. She was featured in Lil Nas X’s hit single, “Old Town Road,” and one time met him while dressed as a shark.
Photo by Jeff Salmore
Personal Hero
Danny DeVito
Favorite Word
Baby, but only when it’s Catherine O’Hara saying it on Schitt's Creek
Personal Motto