Jelicia Ross

Jelicia Ross is a distinguished data strategist renowned for her innovative problem-solving and trusted as a consultant by a diverse range of organizations and creators, including nonprofits, and both public and private sector entities.

Building on her extensive background, Jelicia has tackled critical challenges and driven innovation at leading organizations like Dell Technologies and Deloitte Consulting. A graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, she has been instrumental in optimizing business operations and advancing analytics solutions, while also dedicating time to mentor the next wave of data professionals at Correlation One.

Jelicia is having the time of her life diving into the world of performance, actively participating in WIT’s improv curriculum, and refining her stand-up comedy skills as a recent graduate of the Grassroots Comedy Incubator for women and non-binary folx. Enthusiastic about her role on WIT’s board, Jelicia is poised to offer a unique blend of analytical insight and creative flair. With her diverse expertise, she aims to contribute dynamically to enhancing the organization’s reach and impact.

Jelicia is passionate about WIT’s mission because she is “consistently reminded of how important it is to find spaces to play, especially as the responsibilities of ‘adulting’ continue to grow.” Whether it be attending classes or shows, WIT creates an enjoyable, safe, and inclusive environment for its audience, and Jelicia is inspired by the opportunity to “play a part in helping that continue.”

Favorite color
Personal hero
Issa Rae
Personal motto
"Either you win, or you learn."
Hidden talent
Playing the drums
Favorite historical figure
Toni Morrison