Goli Samimi

Goli grew up in LA yet waited until she got to DC to get into the improv scene.

In 2008, Goli received a stimulus check from then-president George Bush and used it to take her first ever improv class. She has since completed the curriculum at DC Improv, ImproAustralia, UCB and of course WIT (including the musical improv curriculum). She loves to learn from different improv teachers and continues to take as many classes as she can fit into her schedule. She is a proud founding member of DC indie troupe Subsidized Corn, performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in Australia. She loves playing with the indie quartet The Can’t Evens, a final four team in WIT’s Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST). Goli is thrilled to merge her life as a scientist with her improv life as a member of WIT ensemble The Hypothesis.

Goli is a musical theater geek, attending BroadwayCon each year. Goli went to UCLA for undergrad and even though she hasn’t lived in California since 2005, she bleeds blue and gold. Go Bruins!

Current Ensembles
Biggest obsession:
Bon Jovi
Favorite animal:
My pup Susie!