Donna Steele

When she's not on stage, Donna can be found making vegan treats and playing with her over-sized cat, Bagel.

Donna loves helping students love improv. Striving for improv fundamentals to become muscle memory, she teaches you the tools to have all the fun on stage. Donna believes improv helps people listen harder, connect deeper, fill every room with laughter, and say yes to more in life.

Hailing from Richmond, Va, Donna completed her training in 2012 at the Coalition Theater. There, she performed with the house team Da Vinci for four years and is still on Slean Dion, a slam-poetry duo. She is currently performing on all female identifying ensemble, Hellcat, WIT special project Yearbook, and independent team Colossus.

She coached Harold Teams Oh that Baby! and Heirloom, and coaches indie teams around town.

Student Feedback

“Donna was the perfect combination of professional and relaxed! I looked forward to every single one of her classes because I knew I would learn a lot and have a great time while doing so. I never felt overwhelmed, uncomfortable, or confused. A great teacher!”

“Getting to be big, ridiculous characters and let loose was great. Also, Donna – she’s hilarious.”

“Donna explained the Harold in multiple different ways for different types of learners. She got to know her class to focus on our strengths and weaknesses. She also encouraged us to bond which assed to group unity.”

“Donna was fantastic. She excels at character and really worked with us to grow in our character expertise. She really challenged us to go with our emotions, be physical, and be big. I have nothing but praise.”

TV Obsession:
Sailor Moon
Spirit Animal:
Cultural Sensitivity

Donna Steele will be the first person in the room to cry.

Donna Steele cries if she is happy or sad, and won’t hold back. Hailing from Richmond, Va, she completed her training in 2012 at the Coalition Theater. There she performed on company ensemble Da Vinci and a slam-poetry duo called Slean Dion.  In DC, she teaches, coaches Harold, and performs on all female identifying ensemble Hellcat as well as special project Yearbook and independent team Colossus.

Donna works in freelance production and is the Education Fellow at WIT. She previously worked for a feminist speakers bureau where she got to hang out with some of her long time idols. She loves making vegan treats and admires her over-sized cat, Bagel.

Ask her about Gudetama and Great British Bake Off. #consumer

Dream job:
Dentist, but will never happen because I'm incapable of being precise in small spaces

A veteran improvisor and teacher, Donna is the Education Fellow at Washington Improv Theater.

Hailing from Richmond, Va, a city she will talk about frequently, Donna is an alum of The Coalition Theater.  There, she performed, taught, and coached as well as managed the intern program and front of house operations.  Before coming to WIT, Donna was the manager of speaking events at Soapbox Inc. and worked freelance production.

In addition to serving on the WIT staff, Donna is current member of WIT ensemble Hellcat, an all female identifying team. She also performed in the WIT production Yearbook and is on the independent team Colossus. She teaches at least three sessions a semester, and coaches Harold at WIT.

Ask her about her fat cat Bagel, not about her tattoos.

Hidden Talent
I'm pretty good on some skates. AKA was a figure skater for many years.