Dina Finkel

Dina grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and spent her summers catching fish and hunting mushrooms in North Norway with her grandmother and mother, who are also named Dina, (and so were her great-grandmother and her great-great grandmother).

She experienced culture shock in college when her parents relocated to Florida. And again when she lived in South Beach. She escaped to NYC and lived near the UCB, where she fell in love with improv.

A DC resident for almost seven years, she started taking WIT’s improv curriculum in the fall of 2013 after a friend suggested they make a list called  “fun things for us to do.” Dina has such wise friends.

Photo by Jeff Salmore

Personal hero
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Spirit animal
The red panda at the zoo: most of the time I have my act together, but then sometimes I break out and cause mayhem.