Daniel Barrera Ortega

Daniel's mom often said that if he was made to keep quiet for too long, signs would pop out of his elbows.

“Always with too many thoughts in his head, Daniel found improv in a summer of self-discovery (a 4 credit summer session) during his undergraduate career. A few years later, he’d find himself taking a Level 1 improv class at WIT and the rest is history.

He performs with indie teams Latinx States of America, Sabado Picante, and in case you can’t tell, yes he’s really proud of his Colombian heritage.”

As a teacher of elementary school students, it feels like Daniel’s goofyness and knack for dad humor has found a home at the improv stage. Other than improv, he can be found dancing lindy hop, deep in a video game session, or kneeling by the oven praying for his cinnamon roll dough to rise.

Current Ensembles
Favorite word
Spardonically (sardonic & sporadic, also not a real word)
Favorite animal
Carnivorous Plants