Angela Karpieniak

Moving to DC was easy, making it feel like home was not. Angela moved to DC in 2012 and loved the city but knew she needed to find her place. Social sports didn't cut it. Soon Angela found herself in a level 1 improv class that fit her like a good pair of TOMS.

Angela completed the WIT curriculum in 2015. She has been a proud member of the indie team Stovetron. She has also competed in FIST with the teams That’s What He Said and McPhearsome Square.

Angela is an occupational therapist by day, working with children and adults. She is obsessed with Harry Potter and reads the series almost every year.

She is currently working on mastering Perogies! They are a Polish version of a dumpling.

Personal motto
If you don't succeed, rinse, repeat, add curlers and try again.
Favorite snack
Double Stuff Oreos