Alex Kazanas

Alex is a firm believer that the secret sauce to any good improv team is to like each other. There’s no punchline to follow that up, it’s just good advice. You can have it for free.

Alex completed the WIT curriculum nearly 10 years ago, hereby officially making him a self-proclaimed veteran. Since then he’s made a wide breadth of friends in the community, starting with the indie team TFA (whom he met in classes and with still has an active group chat). A player in many WIT projects over the years, he favors narrative improv with some shades of drama peppered in. These days he co-directs the half-scripted show And Scene! and has been enjoying his time as a Harold coach.

Alex is also a graphic designer and illustrator, and there’s a decent chance you can see his work hanging in a few local improviser’s homes. He can be heard every week on the One Piece Podcast, and seen occasionally on the stage/canvas with the art competition stage show, Super Art Fight. Alex also met his wife through the DC improv scene, whom he loves very much. *cue studio audience woos*

Photo by Darian Glover

Favorite word
Hidden talent
Can sing "The Rainbow Connection" as five different Muppets