Alex Kazanas

In 2014, Alex took his first improv class hoping it'd make him taller. One time he played a tall character. Dreams really do come true.

While completing the WIT curriculum, he made some great pals and formed the indie troupe, The Female Accent. He has also performed in Improvapalooza, FIST, and his graphic design work can occasionally be seen on WIT programs and flyers.

By trade, Alex does what he loves as a designer and illustrator. His many other hobbies include geeking out about Star Wars, playing ukulele, and attending ALL of the weddings. A veteran podcaster, he can be heard on The One Piece Podcast, and Toho Yaro.

Alex can also often be seen on stage with Super Art Fight, combining his improv skills with giant Sharpie pens to create zany live art. I’m sure if you ask, he’ll tell you about it.

Photo by Darian Glover

Favorite word
Hidden talent
Can sing "The Rainbow Connection" as five different Muppets